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Hi CottonFields3,

Tony posted comments and a link on a SN site and that's what got me here. Didn't know it existed, still don't know exactly what it is, but seems it's one of a number of specific-Advisor picks-portfolio - and this one is Joe's!

That’s right! Tier 1 is part of The Motley Fool’s Real-Money Money Sock Picks program, which you can check out here:

Basically, each portfolio manager is allocated $5,000 in initial capital with $1,000 added every month and we’re tasked with beating the market … and each other!

Each portfolio manager is free to utilize their own personal style of investing, including long-only, long-short, options, and other strategies and tools.

Here’s a Supernova link that describes my personal investment philosophy:

My investment education started w/SN. I've invested nominally for years, but SN is the first time I've really started to pay attention to investing [meaning, started to try and learn]. Meaning, I know nothing!

LOL. I’m willing to bet that you know more than you think. I’ve learned from David Gardner that our excellent consumer experiences can often be a great way to identify excellent investment opportunities for further research, so I’m sure that you have some great insights to draw from. And congrats on diving into Supernova! It sounds like you have a great attitude towards learning how to invest better, and I’m sure we’re going to learn a lot together along the way.

I've been a member of a stock investment club [NAIC] for many years, theirs a conservative approach, it's given me good fundamental knowledge. As an aside, I've been trying to get them to buy Apple [for years!], but no-go. And of late, been pointing out some possible red flags about MSFT...I can just tell you that if it were in my portfolio, I think I would have sold before the 11th [12th?] year of nothing but the dividend. [But they don't listen to me....]

I agree with you that Apple is the better buy than Microsoft, especially at current prices:

My Dad was a good investor. Working for BofA, he counseled many people on how to invest their muchas dollars. [My "What was Your Dumbest Investment?" story is about me taking his advice.] He did pretty well for himself and when he died and my Mom took over their investments, she did even better. There are many around here who have a lot of money to invest. I do not fall into that category. But I have more than I ever would have, had I not inherited from my parents. More importantly, what I do have now is all I am going to have. There's nothing else in the pipeline.

I know exactly how you feel. Many of my family members are struggling financially, and the income I earn and the wealth I’m able to achieve through investing will likely be not only all that I will ever have, but also that which will hopefully allow me to ease some of the burdens on my family. But I've know this for a long time, and it motivated me to learn as much about investing and personal finance as I could. And it sounds like you've decided to do the same thing, which is awesome. In fact, one of the best parts about my job is passing on what I've learned to Fools like you.

So - I'm counting on what I do with SN to enrich me - financially!
Notice I say, "...what I do with SN...". Probably the first thing I learned was to take it slow, rather than jump all-in, all at once. I didn't learn that quite soon enough [Better late than never!] before buying full positions in too many SN picks as they came along.

Well CottonFields3, you’re in the right place! I truly believe that Supernova will be one of the great wealth-creators here at The Fool, and I’m happy to say that both Phoenix and Odyssey are currently beating the market. And I encourage you to keep taking your time with your investments. Do what feels comfortable to you, and then strive to constantly expand that comfort zone so that you can learn and grow as an investor.

I'm retired and love it. I work all the time on my house renovation projects, a passion that paid work always got in the way of. I have very little income, live frugally, don't need much of anything I don't already have..............................oh wait! - Except I want to live in the country, which means find the ground first, if no house - build one - and make that dream happen.

Living below your means is often the most important aspect of becoming truly wealthy, so I’m happy to hear that you already have that part of your finances in order. And it’s great to have goals and dreams that inspire you; it’s my hope that Supernova and Tier 1 will help you achieve them.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I'm trying to be Foolish and get as much help as I can. Isn't it the golden rule of investing that one should never invest money they can't afford to lose? Well, I'm heavily invested, feel it's money I can't afford to lose, but feel more so, that if I pay close enough attention I won't lose. (foolish????)

I’ve never really subscribed to the “never invest money that you can't afford to lose” idea, mainly since I’ve never really had money that I could afford to lose :)

But I do believe in something that David Gardner once said, and that is to invest in a manner that honors your life’s efforts, because your personal capital is a result of the sum of all your hard work over the years and decades of your life. And so I accept the risk that it is possible to lose some of my capital by investing in the stock market, but I do so in the best way I know how: my personal investment style was built on a foundation of Foolish principles and the lessons I’ve learned from great investors such as David and Tom Gardner. And so I like the odds that I -- and the hundreds of thousands of Fools like me -- can achieve long-term investment success :)

What I actually wanted to post specific about, is my starting a position in AMZN. I can no longer deny their "position" in their industry. It seems an expensive valuation currently, and some talk about the good possibility of a correction bringing w/it a better time to buy. One poster repeated a $240 price target as a good entry.

Amazon is one of those elite companies that always seem expensive. In fact, I wrote in my Tier 1 Amazon buy recommendation that I thought Amazon was expensive when I bought it back in December 2011 … and it’s currently my biggest winner at +50%:

With stocks like Amazon, you can wait for a pullback, but the problem is that it may never come, or it may come after a large upwards move in the stock so that even after it pulls back it’s still much higher than if you just purchased shares when you originally wanted to. So the approach I took in Tier 1 was to buy some shares, and then if Amazon did pullback substantially, I had plans to buy more. I’m very happy with the run Amazon has had for Fools who have been following Tier 1 (and of course Stock Advisor and Supernova), but that vicious pullback did not come, and so I have a large but not full position in Amazon. So as you can see, there are some negatives to this strategy as well.

Tony and I actually had a great discussion about Amazon back in September, and if you’re interested, here’s the thread:

But to answer your question, I’d say the decision is of course yours as to whether you want to buy some Amazon shares now or wait for a pullback. I can tell you that Tier 1 has no plans to sell our Amazon shares, and should we get a substantial pullback I will likely use it as an opportunity to add to Tier 1’s position.

Thanks for listening - Apologize for being long-worded.

No apology needed! It’s my pleasure. I always enjoy helping other Fools, especially the ones that take an interest in Tier 1 :)

Fool on!

Joe T
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