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Jetmutant back AGAIN!

While the "virtually assured" outcome is really NOT what we wanted it has probably just stopped the circus that UAL has become.

To those who believe that management was/is not bad at UAL, in 20 years working on mechanical things (cars, planes and machine shop work) and previous years doing other things to get myself through school, I have never worked for a company that has treated their employees as bad as UAL. EVER!

I don't recall who quoted the P.E.B. but you are right on, but also remember at that time Only Northwest and American had raised the wage to current rates, now even the "almighty" Southwest has brought the mechanic wages in line with the rest of the industry, the only ones lagging now are the ones who went to the Gov't for loans (US Air, America west) So what I said still stands...our wages are NOT the problem ( to the guy who matched our wages against an auto mechanic, GET REAL! When was the last time YOU had face an alcohol or drug test before you went to work? this is a MANDATED on going event in my world! (that I do not mind) While the theory of operation is the same for the engines and electronics you will not "take out" 250 souls if something "bad" happens, pilots do not get to call AAA to bring the machine back to the shop when something goes wrong, You might want to read the Alaska 261 transcripts if you think otherwise. IMHO that was A maintenance screw up that was exacerbated by pilot arrogance (or lack of system knowledge). Contrary to what the general public believes MOST pilots do not have a real working knowledge of the aircraft and it's systems they are merely drivers with a LOT of responsibility (during the trip). There are others under the "umbrella of IAM protection" that could be considered way high for the job description (janitors, Ramp service, stores...)
Also know that even with the pilot concession they were STILL 2% ABOVE the next highest paid pilots (Per Don Carty, CEO American Airlines)

Our jobs ARE portable and while many would opt to go to the automotive industry there are a million other places that we can go. Because we work on so many other parts and systems, this job translates into many other industries, sheet metal, amusement parks, heating and air-conditioning, hydraulics, composites, engines, turbine generators, electronics.....the list is long and limited only by our imagination and particular skills. While they may not have the same pay AND benefits, they are close, plus we can also in most cases get away from 6 on 2 off rotating days off, midnights, forced weekends and holidays and of course crappy management. We realize we are not gods but we are not Knuckle dragging grease monkeys either, those days are long past, so turn off "Wings" and tune into the real world!

We did NOT have a slowdown! We had first a temporary restraining order then an injunction, making ANY sort of "job action" Illegal and punishable by fines and/or JAIL time! Can you imagine? our contract is "expired" a YEAR and we can't strike or even cause a slowdown, yet the pilots Legally did just that and there contract was settled in just over a year (without P.E.B intervention!) The President of the USA even said "There will be NO airline strikes under my watch" how much leverage do you think you have when something like that happens?

The only group that would have been really hurt by the US Air/UAL "merger" (BUY OUT!) was the pilots...USA had many pilots with higher seniority than UAL pilots thereby being able to "bump" them out of the higher paying "left seat jobs" or out of certain fleet types that pay more, mechanics would have gotten the same either way (probably some more laid off though), but the "merger would have been good for the company. Their route would have matched well with ours and we could be "spanking" American right now had it went through.

But as it has been said before all this jaw jacking and speculation is waste time now, the ATSB has "ruled" ( there is the THIN possibility of a sequel though)

MY only hope now is that UAL management "pulls their collective head out" and gets to the business of running an airline not an employee torture chamber!!!

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