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Hi Noods ...

Now now, don't go trying to crawl under that big rock over yonder ... well, not quite yet anyways <g>.

I'm not sure why I got ya depressed, but try a nice french merlot ... that may be the best med for such a state of mind <g>. Really though, my post was simply trying to point out that while stocks are an important part of the PORTS we run (otherwise why would we be here chatting in TMF <g>), it doesn't mean that stocks are the best investment vehicle for one and all. Or even an important part of their PORTs.

Any investment overview, or retirement planning, seems to require we have definable goals and then look at what it will take us as individuals to get there - Including what risks are reasonable for the person involved.

I have an in-law who is so risk averse she makes me look like the penultimate riverboat gambling wolf. She invests ONLY in treasury instruments. She has a modest but comfortable lifestyle for her and her family and a fairly substantial salary. So she is putting a considerable amount annually into her T collection. Assuming disaster doesn't strike, her T collection will be more than enough for her retirement and family obligations. And so for her perspectives and lifestyle and retirement goals etc. ... she doesn't want the risk or to devote the time, resources etc. that stocks entail. More power to her!

But I also have friends through TMF that are invested pretty much 100% in stocks. My own plans and investments do involve stocks, as I think most folk's should, but I structure things so that no single stock should cost me more than 1% of equity investing pool, which is roughly 15% of my investable assets. I would be too uncomfortable if stocks were over 25% of my investable assets. I become too uncomfortable if any single stock position of mine becomes much more than 10% in the red ... etc. etc ... and I have even more eccentricities (financial and otherwise). But thats just me ... And you're YOU (which is a good thing otherwise I wonder who I would be corresponding with <smile>). Shouldn't such personal nuances extend into our investing philosophies?

Some folks I know take on risks in the stock market without knowing the risks or even what they find acceptable. Ever have a friend who claimed to enjoy the thrill (risk) of the stock market, but only while they were winning <smile>? I think most folks who start investing in stocks don't know what level of risk they are comfortable with until after they start to have to endure some losses? And until we know that about ourselves .. well ... there might be some sleepless nights in ye old den. And personally, I have too many good reasons to have sleepless nights, I just don't think stock investing should be one of em.

I do think most of us hereabouts, yourself in particular, appear more than capable of taking on calculated risks within equity investing in order to increase the odds of achieving defined goals. Further, I suspect most can do so without feeling any significant anxiety etc. Congrats and good luck to all such souls! And just because some of have different goals, different bases from which we are starting, different views of risk and levels of acceptable risks, etc., is it so surprising that we might have differences in how/IF we invest in equities and to what degree we do?

So don't go trying to slip under yonder stone ... at least not on my account. I am NOT advocating getting out of stocks. Rather to know thyself AND the risks inherent in equity investing, then tailor what fits best for YOU. I really do hope everyone I know has investing returns to allow them to do all they want to do, but sadly the reality will probably prove otherwise ... and thats what the hard liquors are for <wink>.

Take care & Happy HollyDaze,

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