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10 years ago I ran DCF's pretty religiously and basically ignored dividends or simply used them as a data point. After all you'd be unlikely to find a dividend over 5%.

Times seemed to have changed. RNF is an MLP producing nitrogen fertilizer located in the corn belt with a yield of 15% although a DDM says it's fairly priced. CPLP is a tanker company with significant long term bookings with a dividend yield of 12% and a DDM model return that makes it look pretty cheap.

CLF, a miner of coal and taconite recently increased their dividends and are giving assurances that they will maintain it at what is currently a 6% yield. That's not too shabby but it looks even better when the stock took a hair cut due to trouble with one of it's operations in Canada.
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anything on tankers take to Hohum777 on the Value Hounds boards.

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