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Holder Isn't Sure How Often Reporters' Records Are Seized
As his Justice Department faces bipartisan outrage for searching phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors, Attorney Gen. Eric Holder says he is not sure how many times such information has been seized by government investigators in the four years he's led Justice.

During an interview with NPR's Carrie Johnson on Tuesday, Holder was asked how often his department has obtained such records of journalists' work.

"I'm not sure how many of those cases ... I have actually signed off on," Holder said. "I take them very seriously. I know that I have refused to sign a few [and] pushed a few back for modifications."

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If this turns out to be correct, then the actions were likely legal under present law.
(emphasis added)

Holder appointed two federal prosecutors last June to spearhead the investigation into suspected leaks of classified information after receiving sharp criticism from Republicans. The leaked information, revealed by press outlets including the Associated Press and New York Times, included reports of American cyber warfare against Iran and of a double agent who infiltrated a militant group in Yemen.
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