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I am considering purchasing a new home in Potters Mill / Madison. This is off Slaughter Road / Highway 72 - University in Huntsville.

I noticed a creek nearby - Indian Creek -

anyone know about flooding in that area ?

I checked the US gov web page and it lists the risk as low to moderate.

I would like to check with a real person to see what they say about the risk - that is why I posted this question here.

Any input at all would be helpful.

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I was born and raised in Madison. I have never seen the area around Indian Creek flood sginificantly, but that subdivision was just recently developed and it was all fields before that. I will say that the land is in a very low lying area epending on which house you purchase. The ones toward the front of the subdivision are on a higher plan.

Your best bet is to call a realtor or the city of Madison Engineering department and determine if it is considered a flood area. Miriam Smith (256) 797-7485 is one of the realtors that I have used in the past. Another option is to look at the following web site for a list of realtors:

The Potter Mill subdivision was developed by a national contractor - Adams homes ( They would be required to tell you if you would require additional flood insurance for the house in question.
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