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How noble of you to cheer the Iraqis who voted....yet to be against the war. You can't have it both ways.

Sure you can.

Your reply is essentially, "You're either on board 100% with Bush, or you support the terrorists." That's crap. I salute the bravery of the Iraqis, and this war is an abomination. Many Iraqis are still "miserable subjects" now, and they're for sure not out of the soup yet.

This war did not need to be. Saddam was an evil bastard, and killed many thousands. But that's not what this war was sold to America as, was it? It was about "they aided those who were behind 9/11" (lie) and "we must strike them before they strike us with nukes" (lie).

I really don't understand your point of view. There are many evil bastards in the world, and we do nothing about them. We can do nothing about most of them. America's power is not infinite. I fear that Iraq will prove that, if it hasn't already done so.

Is this a good thing? Is spending $200+ billion dollars, losing over a thousand American lives, tens of thousands of Iraqi lives, maiming tens or hundreds of thousands of Americans and Iraqis, a country whose infrastructure is in ruins, and you are optimistic about what we have done?

Tell me, please, what price you are willing to pay to see this through to the end? 10,000 American lives and 100,000 Iraqis? 100,000 and 1,000,000? When the body count surpasses those Saddam killed, will it still be "worth it" to you?

The hope of democracy spreading across the ME is a pipe dream.

The hope of spreading democracy across the Middle East is a pipe dream. Even if Iraq does become a stable, peaceful democracy -- an "if" of gargantuan size -- neither of us will live to see the rest of the Middle East become democracies.

So, believing what I do, what the hell else can I do but salute the Iraqis who voted?? They are brave. And that doesn't change how I feel one whit about this !&@^$%@^%# war.

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