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Hi all,

I'm of British / Canadian nationality and I live in Japan. I have a daughter 2 years of age. My parents live in England (mother) and Canada (father) and they are saving on behalf of their granddaughter.

I would like to invest this money in shares on her behalf.

Does anyone know what would be best in my situation? As I see it, my options are : -

1) To get the grandparents each to open brokerage accounts in her name in their countries and nominate me as trustee so that I can invest the cash;

2) To pool the money in Japan in a brokerage account in trust in her name with me as trustee.

The former looks more attractive to me, though I know that IB (my brokers), for example, do not accept trust accounts for minors. Are there any US, Canadian or UK brokers that would do this? She is a non-resident minor alien. (Sounds terrible!) To send the money here and convert it into yen seems a terrible waste with the conversion fees and the transfer fees.

Thanks very much,

Simon Thornley
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i am in a somwhat similar situation. We use UTMA accounts. see . I am not sure if you have to be a US national to open one for a kid..
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