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Havent been on the Fool in quite a while. I guess I'm a just out of college Fool...Dec 04.

Who all is on this board?

What are you up to these days?

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Doesn't seem like there are many people in this section at all...

I'm a few years out, trying to keep my RothIRA well funded and have just started an investment club with some friends. It was a long and lazy process actually, due in part to the 5 of us being spread all over the country. Shortly after we received our EIN and opened a broker account, we started getting junk mail for credit cards and Yellow Pages Ads. The amount of paper wasted on junk mail blows my mind.

Anyone else out there with a (albeit short) story?

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OOps....should've replied to this message. can view my story in the thread below this one.
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