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Okay, to be fair, this phone is a whiz-bang supergadget. WiFi on my phone - fantastic! (I know, I know - I'm a late adopter.) Downloading apps occurs in seconds instead of minutes. And there are a gazillion fun ones - mostly games. And that web browser, wow, it's like having a tablet - beats the heck out of the old Blazer on my Treo 680. The capacitive screen is slick, and there's a slider keyboard (okay, a really loose slider keyboard, with concomitant issues like a blinky backlight) for when I don't want to tap three or four times to find the letter E. The thing is awfully fun to use.

But I have a PDA/smartphone for two primary purposes: to keep a (long) list of my contacts, and to keep a (detailed) calendar. Both of those apps should have intuitive interfaces - you know, like multiple flexible categories for contacts and appointments, flexible alarm settings, a choice of colors for appointment categories. Simple things like that.

And in regard to both those basic uses, the G2 is, as my 12 year old would say, epic fail.

The Google calendar used by this phone is stiff and its functionality limited - I have to create several different calendars to get the same kind of categorization that was built in to the Palm OS calendar app. Google contacts are, eh, adequate, but again, there's only a few categories, and these are really not flexible enough for me. I don't just have one type of "business" contact; actually I have three, and this contacts list doesn't really address that the way Palm did.

There's third party software available out there for upgrade. I kind of like Missing Sync in combination with Fliq Calendar. Fliq is free; Missing Sync costs $40. Yes, that's $40, not $4. Why should I pay that for something my old phone did very well for free?

Naturally, absolutely nothing will sync directly with Palm OS entries - Palm is dead. I have to export to a .vcf, then read that into Outlook or Google. But I used Palm in the first place because, frankly, I don't like Outlook or Google. Alas, it's the superior, human-friendly interface that goes bust through lack of intelligent management. Again.

So while the G2 is a really amazing new toy, I think I'm going to take the SIM card out and put it back into my Treo. Maybe Google will come up with better software for their next generation of devices. I hope so, because I don't know how much longer my five-year-obsolete Treo will hold up. But I'm not counting on it, because it seems like most people are satisfied with the sub-standard product - or are willing to pay extra to bring it up to speed. Planned obsolescence strikes again. And now what shall I do with this $300 ... toy?
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You need to spend at least 2 weeks on an Android phone to fully appreciate it. Also download Touchdown for email.....far superior to the native one installed.

K-9 also supports WebDAV for people that work for companies lacking Activesync and still want full access to email.
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Maybe you're right. I know that it took me three days to find a calendar I didn't hate - Pimlical - and I ended up paying $25 for the combo of desktop app and Android device app. But once I paid that, now everything syncs to everything, no matter what platform I enter the data onto. That said, I still object to having to pay extra for functionality that I used to get as part of the basic OS.

And contacts sync still sucks donkey pee, even after tweaking the .vcf, editing out the "custom" fields that were so convenient in Palm but don't exist in any other platform, editing out command language in the custom fields that would stop the export ... seriously, just the hand editing was a three hour project. Alas, Pimlical picked up my contacts from Palm but has no autosync function as it does for calendar.

I don't know. Using the Treo was intuitive, convenient, and did not have a dreadful steep learning curve to get it up and running, and if they'd managed their brand better it would still be supported and I would still be using it. Can I be blamed for feeling like I just traded in my trusty old Apple II for a Windows XP?
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I grew up with an Apple IIe.

Keep using it and over time you will truly appreciate what it can do. Will not take long for you to drop your fond memories of the Palm.

I have an iPad also, and find Android much more powerful and with less restrictions.
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