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How did Barack Obama use his State of the Union address, in his own humble and prayerful way, to mark the fact that he is the 44th president of the United States?

He used one pronoun 44 times. Guess which one it was?

Why, there’s no fooling you—you guessed. The pronoun was “I.”

Yup, forty-four times that most humble of men who knows he is elected to serve the people managed to squeeze in a reminder of whom this speech was really about.


But you knew it was all about HIM, right? Not about the poor people. Not about middle class people. Not even about was all about little ole HIM........

Not 'we'.....the people....but HIM......the arrogant....

Not 'our country' and 'our plan' ....but HIS plan and his vision of socialist Utopia...


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November 2016 cannot come soon enough!
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