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The link below is to an article describing how Chevrolet is sponsoring "Come Together and Worship" concerts of evangelical christian music:

An excerpt: For their part, the musicians and Lucado plan to use that freedom to turn these concerts into full-scale worship experiences, said Jeff Gregg, a Nashville talent agent who helped coordinate the road show.


"This is not necessarily an entertainment experience. It's really a vertical experience between believers and God," Gregg said.

Soon, Ford and Chysler will get into the mix, I mean you can't ignore the Christian market! Toyota will then come out with snazzy ads, showing clouds parting and sun-rays hitting a new Camry as the ad fades to the words "Toyota, the OFFICIAL car company of the one and only Almighty God"

Not to be outdone, Lincoln will plug their huge Navigator with the slogan "plenty of room for the Holy Trinity AND their three girlfriends".

Small upstart car companies will look to explore niche markets: "Kia -- because Mohammed wants you to drive in style" or "Renault -- for the discriminating French Canadian Catholic -- the Pope WANTS you to drive THIS car to mass!"

Pretty soon blue jeans, sodas, and test-prep companies will use religion to sell their wares: "So choose Kaplan to prepare for your college entrance exam, and Jesus will answer your prayers!"

Why is this a GOOD thing? Have I gone nuts, you ask? Well, how RIDICULOUS is it that companies would want to do this? It's not's all about PROFIT. And how long before Christians and other religious folk realize that their religion is being used simply to get to the dollars in their pocket. Maybe they'll wake up! And maybe, just maybe, they'll all realize that POLITICIANS have been doing the same thing ALL ALONG to GET THEIR VOTE. Heaven FORBID that the only reason George Bush stated that Jesus is the most important influence in his life during the primaries is to get past the fact that he was an irresponsible drunk for 30 years and to get the support of the religious right. Yes, I've found Jesus! Just like the Coca-Cola company has! But it's DIFFERENT for me...*I* actually mean it, THEY just want your money/vote/etc.

If corporate affiliation and sponsorship of religious events continues, will their be boycots? What if Hertz rent a car supports a Catholic event? Will the "Pope is the anti-christ" protestants choose Avis? "We're not going to Disney World, and we won't rent a Hertz when we get there!".

Maybe, just maybe, the fundies will realize that all this posting of the 10 Commandments, prayer in school, and "under god" crap that is going on has much less to do with what is RIGHT for society, but rather what looks GOOD for the people that support such things. "I'm a good christian...why? Because I support the 10 commandments in the court house AND I drive a chevy...not like those atheists driving those satanic 'secular' Fords!"

Anyway, forgive me if this has been brought up on this board before, but I just wanted to share my thoughts. I don't really blame Chevy...if they think this stunt will sell more cars, it's their right. Just like Levi's had the right to market to homosexuals and attract their business. Maybe Levi's was being progressive and open-minded as a public service, to encourage acceptance of a minority population, or maybe they just thought they'd make more cash that way. Either way, I support the right of all companies to market their products how they see fit. I can choose to own or not own the stock, or not by the products if I want.

But one difference in this case is that the type of Christianity supported by Chevy is the kind that seeks to limit our rights, and the rights of other minority religions. These people are the ones that would say "Don't like Christian prayer in school? Wear ear plugs!" or the ones that would think it just fine to limit public office to Christians only, Constitution be damned. Ha Ha, that was funny, get it, "be damned"?

Anyway, maybe things have to get so utterly ridiculous to the point where religion and faith has been so diluted into a common, mass marketed Santa Clause type commercialization of the BIG GUY Himself before everyone wakes up and realizes that maybe it's better for religion and faith to remain a PERSONAL thing.

Maybe that's just wishful thinking that it will ever happen.

As Judge Roy Moore said yesterday (paraphrase), "It is BECAUSE of the judeo-christian god that we have the concept of separation of church and state. The whole concept of freedom of religion COMES from the one God. Therefore, the 10 commandments honors this god, from which we get the freedom of religion concept in our government."

HUH? I see, so let's violate the Commandments by creating a graven image, and violate god's own concept of separation of church and state by placing it in the courthouse, all to HONOR the god who told us to keep church and state separate and not make graven images in the first place. Sigh. I feel dirty.
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