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I am trying to alter the document so that it covers my needs.
You can't. Several people have told you this in several different ways. No standard lender will change their standard loan contract. (Standard lender: lender who doesn't check your credit report by looking to see if your kneecaps have ever been broken.)

You don't want to accept this. That's your problem, not ours.

I don't know who you think you are to insult me by openly insinuating that I am being dishonest.
It's because the way you are acting is pretty much the same way that people who are looking to commit loan fraud act. If you don't want people to suspect that you are trying to weasel around the owner-occupied requirement, don't act like people who are trying to weasel around the owner-occupied requirement act.

Your rants about bank bailouts just add suspicion that you will have no compunction about ignoring clauses in the contract.

TMFPMarti wrote: "Your story doesn't pass the smell test."

Your comment stinks. I did not engage into personal attacks and did not expect to receive any.

Um, he did not make any sort of personal attack. He merely said that your story doesn't pass the smell test. Which it doesn't.

You are in for some big surprises, too, if you persist. All told, the people responding here have bought and sold dozens of houses and gotten on probably tens of dozens of mortgages. You -- who has never bought a house or ever gotten a mortgage -- think you know more about the topic than anybody else here.

Personally, I've seen the "closer instructions" on my last few refi's. They've all told the closer, "No modifications or marks are allowed on the note or mortgage documents. If anything is added or struck out, DO NOT PROCEED. Return the documents and the loan is not to be closed." They don't even allow you to stike out something that you added. They insist on clean documents that are EXACTLY what they prepared.

I've also personally been in a closing (not mine!) where 90% of the way through, the buyer made a comment to his wife and the agent for the title insurance company said, "Stop. We are not going to issue the title policy. I suspect that there is something not above-board about this sale, so we are not going to close." And they didn't.

CCinOC wrote: I didn't perceive gol6090 as trying to determine how to commit fraud. I read his posts as trying to figure out how NOT to commit fraud.

PRECISELY!! Trying to alter a document before anyone signs it cannot be considered fraud by anyone with a free mind.

Heh. The problem is, when somebody starts asking detailed questions about the extent of a clause, it makes people suspect that they are trying to figure out how far they can push it.
Your original question was innocuous. CC's comment was on point there. But instead of you saying, "Oh, now I understand." you kept pushing and pushing, and then started rants about bank bailouts and bankers not going to jail, and asking "Ok, so I can't do THIS, but how about if I do THAT, and do they send inspectors around to verify that I actually live in the house."
You may be as clean as the driven snow, but that's just the type of questions that somebody who was considering fraud would ask.

And, since you've been told innumerable times, by experienced and knowledgable people that you CANNOT alter the loan documents and that the lenders will NOT agree to any alteration -- why are you still pushing that?

But it doesn't matter what any of us say -- we are not lenders. Call up a couple of lenders and ask them. But a word of advice -- don't keep asking them the questions you asked here after you get an answer you don't like. If you do, you'll make them suspect that you are planning to pull a fast one over on them -- and they will refuse to do business with you.
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