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i believe a lot of investors think that they don't have the education or intellect to doubt alan greenspan's wisdom.i believe that they are is becoming apparent that fools and individual investors understand the economy far better than greenspan.they make better investments than greenspan,than mutual funds,than stockbrokers.since they have broken ranks with the so-called financial experts(thanks in part to the motley fool),individuals have made tremendous investments.they have done because they understand the markets and the economy better than the experts .we are a part of this economy.we have to trust our intuitions more.we do know what we are doing.greenspan seems bent on proving that we do not,even if he has to wreck this prosperous economy in the process.
the computer and internet has brought power to the people and the establishment does not like. greenspan is worried we are too prosperous and may spend too there something wrong with being prosperous?
he doesn't worry when only a few prosper,but when a lot of people prosper he worries.he wants to limit our prosperity.doesn't sound american does it.
the prosperity that we have gained is not a has been gained by the freedom of thought that we assumed that we already had in this country.we did not have such freedom.we are taxed and regulated that our entrepeneural spirit had been stifled.that spirit has awakened with new technology.alan does not understand
and wants to stifle it.
one of the main things that has given this economy such a boost is most this technology is not yet over taxed and regulated.
the individuals investment dollar is the fuel that is propelling this boom.
prosperity good. greenspan bad! he claims to be fighting inflation,but the only inflationary item is oil. are high interest rates going to reduce oil prices? i don't think we need a degree in economics to answer that.what is he doing to fight high oil prices????
who stands to benefit from high interest rates? not me. not you. maybe the finacial sector.the one that
can't quite hack it in the new economy. so alan is going to wreck the new economy and take us back to the old economy.hmmm,he may benefit since he holds fixed
income investments.
motely fool should stand up and address this issue.
are they fools or do they just talk foolish? come on guys step up to the plate.
clinton understands economics better than any president that i have seen. he also needs to corect this problem.
nuff said
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