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I believe the government has the power of taxation, and that it has used it fairly well over time. As evidence I look around and notice that we live in the richest country in the world, and that much of our advantage comes from the various infrastructures...
Bulls**t. Nearly all of the above items were paid for by private investment, user fees (and gasoline taxes for the successful, if exhorbitant, highway system) and private initiative. The national government may have taken action not to stand in their way, but they weren't paid for by income taxes nor run/operated by the government. Nearly every actual tax-funded enterprise you could care to look at that involves direct government/bureaucratic involvement is a raging, money losing failure. As the Nobel economist Martin Feldstein says, "What government touches it kills".

I believe that the talk about the media being "biased" is mostly claptrap, largely
Wrong again. There are, in fact, "lefts" and "rights," and they are entrenched in different parts of the media (print, broadcast, talk radio, etc.). The media is not a monolithic entity.

Left-wing points of view are heavily covered by the media as well. If you looked at yesterday morning's Boston Globe, you'd think the Republicans were in open revolt against Bush's Iraq policy. And bingo, later in the day the House passes a bipartisan resolution -- even with Gephardt's support -- giving Bush nearly everything he asked for. Some revolt!

I believe there are many areas where the "free market" fails, and that there are things properly labeled "the common good." Education is on which I think obvious...

Who's against "better education?" No one. What some oppose is the way education is carried out, the impossibility of changing the system, the power of the teachers union; and when education is conducted by a private enterprise company (Edison) and shows marked improvement in students' test scores, and there is an attempt to bring Edison into the ragingly bad Philadelphia school system, there is incredible opposition and media coverage of endless statements that "dollars and cents shouldn't come before our kids' education," blah blah blah.

Again, the telephones and electricity are run by private enterprise institutions, not government. Yes, they are heavily regulated, by they are for-profit companies. And by the way, the crash in the telecom industry can be laid at the feet of free market-distorting regulations that caused major losses in money and jobs.

I believe the "free market" dictates that pharmaceutical companies devote their research to providing fat-burning drugs for rich people...
This is a "centrist" position? Come on. This willfully avoids the incredible expense and, therefore, unattractiveness, of forcing taxpayers or private companies to end Third World malaria. Come clean on the costs and then let's see if the American people would support it. Me? I'd be all for it, but I bet most people would shrink from the cost.

Monday night at midnight I lost all health coverage, and have not been able to secure it, at any cost, from any provider, including government programs anywhere. I do hope I don't have a car accident tomorrow and bankrupt my wife, although that is now entirely possible.
This frankly seems quite impossible. Those with no income qualify for Medicaid. Those without can buy healthcare privately or via COBRA. It very much sucks to have to pay $300 min a month for your family's healthcare, but again, low income healthcare assistance is available.

I guess this definition of centrist makes me a right winger. But I'd prefer to call myself a centrist, and point out that these are pretty leftie positions.

But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong. (Parroting Dennis Miller.)

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