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I can sympathize with the bike messenger as I've wanted to do the very same thing when I see someone chuck a lighted cig out a car window, but I don't think I'd ever stop, pick the stinky thing up, and heave it back where it came from.

I'm a cop and one of my favorite memories was pulling over a car (I was riding a bicycle) after they chucked some garbage out the windows. They did it at the top of a big hill but got caught at the light at the bottom. (A highway on-ramp.) Thanks to the big hill I was able to fly down and catch them before they got on the highway. I told them they could either have a ticket or walk up the hill and pick up the garbage. (I couldn't really force them to walk up the hill, so had they asked "can I drive up there?" I would have said yes, but they didn't ask and I wasn't going to volunteer it.)

So I got to watch this slob walk up this big hill, stopping halfway to light a cigarette of course, pick up his garbage and walk back down. He got back to me and said "there are no garbage cans around here." I told him "yeah, that's why it's usually best to keep the garbage in your car, until you see a garbage can, then you can put it in easily." I pointed across the intersection at the 7-11 (the last garbage can before the highway.) Again, he could have just got in his car and driven over, or left completely, but he walked over and used the crosswalk to get to the 7-11 garbage can. Now the clincher, he get's back and, as he climbs into his car, flicks the cigarette butt into the road. I went "ah ah ah" and waggled my finger at him. He got out, got the cigarette butt, climbed back into the car (while yelling an expletive) and pulled back into traffic.

Sadly, this is just further evidence that we really only catch the dumb ones, but it was sure fun. The added bonus is, thanks to me, that poor guy got more excersize that day than he likely had in months.

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