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I made fundy coworker cry. Again.

He actually does that a lot. No, I wasn't mean to him. He wells-up when discussing some topics. In this case we were discussing "pornea" (Greek word) and how it related to prohibitions on fornication (if it did - this stems from a conversation elsewhere that included Frydaze1). Well, after discussing how pornea really is an all-encompassing word indicating various transgressions, he lapsed into the story of Josiah (I think). Josiah was commanded to marry a 'harlot', who slept around and left him and ended up being sold into slavery, and at every turn Josiah was commanded to take her back (and buy her back at the slave sale). FC said he didn't know if he could do that (already welling-up), and then said it served as a metaphor for God taking us back even when we cheat on him (more welling-up).

He loves to pontificate about how much evidence there is for the fundy viewpoint, and how science does not really refute any of it (i.e. that which does is wrong, biased, extrapolated, etc). But, IMO, it's really an emotional thing for him, not an analytic one. Even if he won't admit it.

I've known a lot of religious people, but he's the only one who weeps when discussing some of these things. Anyone else encounter this phenomenon?

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Think it was Hosea. Josiah was one of the kings.

Not seen anyone get weepy over a bible story but have seen many get all teary eyed, sometimes sobbing, when they talk about "what Jesus did for me" on the cross.
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Yeah, the cross thing will get him too.

He's also big on "not doing what we know is right because we want to be God ourselves" (or words to that effect). Sometimes, depending on what led to that statement he may or may not tear-up.

This is part of why I think religion (or at least the fundy version) is a mental illness. Not in a derogatory sense. He has some sort of emotional problem. I have no idea what, but something. He needs therapy, IMO. But he's so far down the rabbit hole I don't think it will ever happen.
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