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I do not think you are interested in finding information to help you make a decision. Please do not take our time for your hidden agenda.

jasmada replied to your message

Wow those are some good points.

If the points are so good why do your comments seem to indicate something else.
jasmada replied
The risk of needing long term care is about 1
in 3, the risk of needing any major medical is 1 in 20. Long Term Care
Insurance pales in comparison (premium wise) to the cost of care. Why would you
want to pay for any catastrophic "anything" out of pocket. You did'nt do that
with any other insurance you purchased. Why do you feel so indifferent to this,
just because you "think" it is new ? Or you feel like it will not happen. I
have yet to meet someone in a claim situation who was unhappy with their
coverage. Denial is the easiest way to justify not planning. As for life
insurance, its sole purpose is not to leave an inheritance, it is to cover debts
that you leave behind, if you are the breadwinner, and perpetuate your heirs
until they can take care of themselves. Your savings and the things you amass
in your lifetime are physical or tangeible, "legacies" if you will for those who
want to remember you. I do not care if you are an ultra millionaire, I
represent clients and have created plans for people with 30 million or more in
assets, artists and entertainers. You may have a few million but you will never
, NEVER, choose an insurance company to protect you that had only a few million
dollars in assets, would you ? You would be a real FOOL to make that decision.
If you have justified not purchasing coverage becuase you do not need to, you
can afford it, it will not happen to me, then fine thats ok, because if you ever
get to the point that you are in care and depleting assets your mind may not be
present to regret not getting insurance. Save money on all your premiums and
drop the auto, home and health too, they are much less likely to occur. Think
what you could do with that savings, what about $6000.00 per year at least with
all those premiums. You could have a whopping $120,000.00 dollars plus a return
of lets say 10% or $ 12,000, in ten years that will be good for a year or 1.5
years of long term care. Thanks for yet another denial, I love to hear them
the more I hear the better I get which in turn allows me to sweetly, softly and
quite prefessionally write another policy.

Jim Adams

RJM wrote:

> You consider self insuring because you can afford the risk.
> For example, if an insurance policy to replace broken window glass in your
> home was $200.00 a year and you have not had a broken window for the last 10
> years you may want to skip the insurance and self insure.
> A little more realistic, if you have a 10 year old chev the collision
> insurance may cost you 400 a year but the insurance company would not pay
> you more than 1,000 it the car was totaled. You may feel that 400 for a
> potential recovery of 1,000 is to expensive and that you can afford the loss
> of the 1,000. Therefore you do not buy insurance.
> Insurance is to cover losses you can not afford. If you can afford long
> term care expenses then you do not need long term care insurance. If you do
> not want to risk spending down your estate so you heirs have nothing, then
> conceder life insurance.
> The risk of large medical expense is always present so you would probably
> want the insurance. More likely to need health insurance than long term
> care. You could have a 1,000,000 in medical expense in one year but long
> term care probably runs 40,000 to 60,000 a year max. Much less of a risk.
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> > insurances I carry ? Why just start at long-term care insurance ? LEts do
> > it for all .....please reply.
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