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I don't agree with the original post. Impolite voted for Obama because the Republicans weren't liberal enough. So why not vote for Romney because Obama wasn't conservative enough?

And to address the "Republican Party stands for the following," I offer the opposing view -

- Keeping the terms of the American Constitution by refusing to exclude Christianity from the discourse in Washington.

- Trying to improve education of our youth by giving it back to parents and churches instead of a non-Constitutional Department of Education that imposes a non-religious secular humanism on children.

- Letting the rich keep the fruit of their labors, and encouraging all to work to support themselves and their families. Government is not the solution to all life's problems, and making the rich poorer is not the answer. Making the poor richer is.

- Understanding that it is business that employs people which raises the standard of living for all. If you punish business, they'll move overseas or close. I'm going to miss Twinkies.

- If you don't care whether the "patronage" statement is accurate or not, there's no sense in disputing it. You've made up your mind without facts. The Democrats stand for patronage of unions at the expense of profitable American automobile companies, patronage of teacher's unions at the expense of children, patronage of government unions at the expense of taxpayers.

- The Democrat Party stands for interfering in people's lives (1). It is the Democrat Party that refuses to have an honest debate about the sanctity of life and protecting the lives of the unborn who cannot defend themselves, but instead want to accuse pro-lifers of other straw-man motives such as "controlling women." It is the Democrat Party that wants the government to usurp the rights of churches who established marriage and make it a secular humanist thing. Gay rights activist reject the "civil union" label which would accomplish want they want, but hold out for corrupting the church's term for a sacred union between a man and a woman.

- The Republican Party stands for interfering in people's lives (2). Bush's Homeland Security legislation tramples all over civil liberties and the Democrats verbally trash it but end up supporting it when it comes time to vote because it helps prevent terrorism.

- The Democrat Party stands for deficit funding. Every President since Reagan has supported deficit spending, including Clinton who only balanced his budget by raising Social Security. The difference is the Republicans at least verbally oppose deficit spending. The Democrats spend like drunken sailors and blame it on the Republicans. Fiscal conservatism is not spending money you don't have.

- the Democrat Party stands for hypocrisy. Preaching "fiscal responsibility" while establishing unaffordable entitlement plans and increasing the size of Federal bureaucracy and increasing government spending is hypocrisy.

- And, finally, the Democrat Party stands for enriching the corporations that provide health care in America: the biggest beneficiary of the Unaffordable Healthcare Act is the insurance companies since every persons will be forced to buy insurance. Health care costs will continue to rise because of the massive new bureaucracy and controls, leading to restricted medical care to reduce costs.
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