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I don't really want to get you started with me in particular. I just have to defend my post to some degree:

I said "average" meaning like us. Rich people don't make a living from horse racing, they play a game called horse racing, or betting on ponies. So, it's not average people that make a living off betting on horses (I don't want to put words in yor mouth.)"Nowhere did I say "average people" can make a living doing that. This seems to imply that you are saying, "No, average people don't make a living off betting on horses."

Now, we know that rich people don't make a living off betting on horses. They bet on horses for fun. But, not to put words in your mouth, maybe that is what you are saying. To that I am saying come on, rich people didn't make their money from horse racing. Name one very rich person that got very rich by only betting on horses.

So, that implies that the only people left are poor people whom you are describing as, "Only the best of the best can do so." Can do...meaning make their living off betting on horses. Are you really trying to tell me that poor people make a living from betting on horses? Well, if they are poor, I guess its not a good living afterall. More insidious is the implication that you're encouraging poor people to go throw their money away on horse racing.

I know, "The track attracts all kinds... believe me. Rich, middle class, poor." But we are talking about people that make a living from horse racing. If you're trying to say rich people "make a living" betting on horses, then you're deluded by some romance about horse racing.

My family has had its very small share in rasing horses for the track. My uncle in San Diego, as a small partner, had horses. They raced in Mexico and California. When he won, he bought drinks and dinner for the whole cadre, when he lost, someone else took him along. It's a big party, and part of a bigger game of chance that very weathly do well and poor people get stuck hoping that someday their horse will come in.

I'm not going to argue with you about the CREE gambling comment. You win. You know much more about CREE than I do. I didn't mention the other stocks because they are investments. My family took me to horse races for years and I just don't believe you know much about it. It's a game; it is not a way to invest money or make a living unless you're track owner.

For the sake of argument, I'll say I don't have facts to back up my opinion. I'm really not trying to argue with you about investing. I guess I should have ommited the CREE comment. I'm sure you know much more about investing than I do, but I have to say that betting on horses is not a way to make a living.


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