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I doubt MI is a mecca for solar energy

It is more like a mecca for clouds

I'd much rather provide them for solar power than oil companies

Good point. I saw an article once on how big gov subsidizes big oil all the time, although I am not convinced on how. On the other hand when you look at how many skirmishes and mini wars we've been in over oil producing nations, it may be safe to say we not only subsidize big oil, we militarize it. Oh, you already said that, sorry. Apparently we think alike (most honest people do).

Tidal energy and wind energy for that matter, according to a show I saw on PBS, do alter the environment to an extent. The scientist went so far as to say only X% of our energy can come from wind or waves without affecting weather and ecosystems.

I received a statement in the mail from my electricity provider that said I think it was 3% currrently comes from either wind turbines, or gas from the local landfill.

I don't know who's suppose to pay for it but the commercials point out that there's no real plan to achieve the goal and that our energy bills would rise to pay for it. Several utility companies oppose the bill.

I'd like to think that 100 years from now it can't be said that all "I" did was burn fossil fuels to satisfy my addiction to warm showers, the internet, and cooking or refrigerating food.

I think we as a species are living high on the hog right now and we don't even realize it. It's like we've swollen to 7 billion on the planet... that's a whole lot of enchilades. What affords so many houses, SUV's, wars, Walmarts, and $26 million in campaign money flushed down the toilet? What fueled the birth of us baby boomers and industry and basically urbanizing almost every square mile of the U.S.?

Oil and coal. The natural course would be for those things to become depleted, and then populations have a negative growth.

Maybe the Earth needs a more practical balance of us, such that we don't snuff ourselves out. But thinking forwardly, we may be best off if we figure out how to replace fossil fuels. I mean, in 2008 the bubble burst, yeah, but does anyone remember what kind of immediately preceeded the fallout? It was gas prices north of 4 bucks. (click on the 8 year).

And don't look now but the gas prices today, which are partially a product of things that "limit" daily production of sweet crude, are climbing to the $4 mark again. Maybe that is a sign that we are playing around with our finite supply of energy and it is already causing chaos. So yeah, I'm a big fan of harnessing the sun. The earth is but a pinpoint in the space around the sun. If we could power the nation with one solar field in Arizona, just think how much energy would could have if we figured out a way to collect ten thousand Earth sized areas of sunshine, that radiates out all day and night, every day and night.

I know, easier said than done. Nonetheless, if we don't head that direciton, we are not going to make it. Not in present day numbers, anyway.

Paul T.
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