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I have always believed that there is hardly a dime's worth of difference between Dems and Repubs when it comes to taxes and spending, particularly spending. Both Parties are in a race to see how fast America can be consigned to the trash heap of history, only the Dems are a few paces ahead of the Repubs. They all should rot in hell.

I'm sorry, I disagree entirely, although I concede that there are elements of each party that are basically interchangeable. That said, if you don't see a difference between Obama and Romney, nothing I can say is likely to make a difference.

I think you and I agree on most things, so I'll ascribe this to just venting some steam. I'm frustrated, too. The fiscal cliff is just a game, to Obama; the real problem is the $16 trillion, with no media even ASKING about it. Thus, Obama uses this kabuki theater to make the Republicans out to be evil. Some want to get a deal done, even with terms they don't like, to avoid a recession (and getting blamed for it, on that you can be sure). Others want to stand their ground. I understand and empathize with both viewpoints. Unfortunately, Obama and his COPIOUS friends in the media (and you and I both know that the media might as well be called the Obama Cheering Squad) are doing their best to cloud the issue, and break apart the Republicans by blaming them for everything. Meanwhile, Obama offers trinkets of spending cuts that are 10 years away and will never materialize.

The low information voters are being lied to again, and the Republicans are in a bind. Perhaps the best thing to do is let it all crash and blame Obama. The Republicans are going to get blamed, anyway. Pick a principle, unite behind it, and defend it to the death. Sometimes, if you're going to do the time, you might as well do the crime.
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