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I have been nothing but civil in my posts here yet you resort to name calling??

You've accused patchdodd of conspiracy with Naj, and said his deal is "fishy" and "shady". That's not civil.

Problem is, AS LAST YEARS CHAMP I kinda feel obligated to check in and post here from time to time, particularly in reguards to "irregularities" in the fairness of the whole thing.

As last year's champ, you still have the same vote in the day to day operations as any one else who is not a part of this league: none. You were a member last year. Your input was relevant then. It isn't any more. I'm not stalking you around and commenting on your leagues' operations because they're none of my business. Do us the same favor.

As GB said, you can either listen or not-your choice...but people have always had a hard time hearing the truth.

Don't confuse your opinion with the truth.

hmmm, seems to me that the commish would at least post a poll so folks could vote on the trade and is 48 hours really enough time for everyone to check in?

Why post a poll? Everyone capable of reading the poll is capaple of posting a reply to it. Anyway, posting a poll would let non-league members vote--why should you or anyone else have a say? And I've never seen a trade review timeline of longer than 2 days. That's a standard length of time in fantasy leagues.

and I still don't buy that a 3rd round and a 7th round pick is worth one of the top 3 recievers for any amount of time over 2, maybe 3 games. Particularly when you don't know if those picks will be early round picks or late round picks. Throw in the fact that the 2nd most vocal member of the league as it pertains to being maybe a little unhappy with how things are being run-bearsfanGB-was involved in the trade talks, yet felt at least a little slighted, well it just does not seem right. (bearsfan, I hope I am not out of line but looking back on your posts, they seem to have at least a slight tone of displeasure in them-you in general and 77's posts when he took issue with the expansion draft)

A 3rd and a 7th may or may not turn out to be a good deal, but it is consistent with the market price that has been established for this league. Last year's deals have already been explained--this is very much on par with a 3rd and a 6th for Ricky Williams, made last year.

It doesn't matter if another party wanted to make a deal--if a better one came in, that's how life works. No one has an obligation to go through with a deal until it is done, especially if a better offer comes in.

Your earlier post said the competing offer was Vick and a 4th? I'd take the 3rd and 7th. The 3rd is clearly better than the 4th. Vick was a second rounder so has no keeper value. Since his only value is thus this year's performance--which stinks--he's not worth much at all. A pick is worth more, if you have a good young player.

I intentionally stockpiled 6th rounders last year to help my keeper list. The keeper round has dropped this year so a 7th can be used on a keeper. I would rather have a promising player worth a 7th rounder that I could keep for up to 4 years than an underperforming QB that isn't even as good as what's on the waiver wire. That's just me, and others can feel differently. But there's a legit value to a 7th rounder.

I don't blame another party for being upset if he thought a deal was close but didn't get done. I've had deals swept out from under me in the past, and I've swept deals out from others in the past as well. That's how life works. (You think the Jets were upset about the Vikings sweeping Antoine Winfield away? Damn straight. But there was nothing illegal or unethical about it--they just made a better offer at the last second.)

Your criticism isn't constructive. You've obviously had a grudge against patchdodd for a long time, based on your reasons for ditching us all on draft day and based on your posting history ever since. Coming here to continue to slander him by calling his deals "shady" and "fishy" is inappropriate. It is, by the very definition of the word, trolling.

Please go away and stop harassing the board.

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