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I have followed this case very very closely from the very beginning. I have followed it so closely because in Amerika today, the following is unchallengeably true:

1. Whites can never be the victims of racism.
2. All men are sexual predators, merely waiting for the slightest hint of an opportunity to oppress women, sexually and otherwise.
3. Women never, ever lie about rape, abuse, or sexual assault.

The unchallengeable truth of these facts is clearly to be seen by the reaction of the Duke 88, the NAACP, the vast majority of the mainstream press (most notably the New York Times - of course - and most exceptionally ABC News - which did an outstanding job of researching this when it first happened), the National Organization of Feminazis, and by the actions of that aggressive prosecutor and defender of the downtrodden, Mike Nifong.

And now, as the whole thing is exposed for what it truly is, the response from those who know the truth to be unchallengeable is that, although this single case may be turning pathological, it does not begin to undermine the truth that White Men are the Historically Great Oppressors and therefore these Duke Lacrosse Players Are Guilty Because they are White Men (I'm not making it up though I am paraphrasing...look it of the Duke 88 has written basically just that and you'll find it on the 'net).

I have stated many times on these boards and elsewhere that AmeriKan society is psychotic. And this psychosis is on very clear display in this Duke thing. Look at the automatic and widespread assumption that these young men were guilty as accused, even before any facts at all were known.

Even many men have been afflicted by this disease: "I'm a good guy and would never do such a thing to a woman, but I know that many other men would, and since I'm a good guy, I have to defend women against these men who aren't good guys" - never realizing that 99% of men are saying the same thing to themselves. And then, when a man who thinks like that is himself accused, and sees what happens to him, he screams "injustice" but no one listens: "I'm a good guy and would never..." says everyone who might stand with him.

And if anyone at all thinks that this Duke thing is going to cause any of these psychotics to rethink their position, or is going to cause our literally insane society to take any actions to rectify the abyssmal situation facing men (particularly white men) in this society today, they are sadly mistaken. Because one of the hallmarks of insanity is an absolute capability to ignore all facts that challenge the psychotic framework.

It is literally true, in AmeriKa today, that a white man who is accused of sexual misconduct has - as his most rational response - the need to kill his accuser immediately. Why is this the most rational response? Because, first of all, he might get away with it. Even if he doesn't get away with it, under the majority of circumstances the punishment he would get for doing it is less than the punishment he will suffer as a result of the accusation of sexual misconduct.
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