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I haven't read a reasoned response from a lefty for so long, that I now believe there is no reason to even try to communicate. There is no reason, no logic, all they have inside is hate for President George W Bush. It's like they are on some sort of hate heroin and it's taken over their whole reason to be. It's a sad day when fellow American citizens care less about their country than they do about their fix.

Ah yes....yet another pantload from a member of the Republican Hive Mind!

Republicans have a few basic ways of defending their horrid junta, and the ghastly beliefs from which it came. Here they are:

(1)Those Dems just hate, and have nothing to offer. Used against Kerry, ignoring his plans for sharing the burden in Iraq, or creating American jobs, or making the nation secure (hey, the Giggling Murdermonkey has yet to secure our ports), or reducing the deficit, or protecting the environment. See, if you just IGNORE the views of the other side, and claim "all they do is hate" then you avoid having to defend the Repubclian agenda.

(2) Those Dems are craaaaaazy! Used against Howard Dean, and earlier against Muskie. Even used against McCain. By claiming the other side is crazy, you avoid having to debate their issues as above.

(3) Those Dems are liars! Used against Gore, Biden and Clinton. By picking nits over statements, or even just LYING themselves about what was said, Republicans are again able to deflect debate over the positions of the Dems.

(4) Those Dems are IMMORAL! Used against Clinton and, earlier, Gary Hart. This issue probably won't be used for a while, since the leader of the Repbulican party is a drunk-driving, coke-sniffing, AWOL, insider trading, influence peddling, perjuring, lazy scuzzball who married a murderess. Still, the "morality" argument can be made by the Republican media pundits, such as Dr. Laura who posed nude during her adulterous affair, or Bill Oreilly of phone sex fame, or Rush gimme-my-hillbilly-heroin Limbaugh, or closeted gays Ken Mehlman and Matt Drudge.

(5) Those Dems policies have been tried and they don't work! This argument was made by Newt boink-my-intern Gingrich. Of course, many Dem policies worked just fine until Republicans started destroying them....but you won't hear that on Pat Robertson's show!

But that is okay, my poor deluded Republican friends! The right-wing media has started to crack. Reporters are....after 12 years....starting to question Republicans as tough as they do Democrats. People are recognizing that not only does Emporer Bush wear no clothes, he has taken everyone elses clothes too and sold them to the Saudis and HAL. As Bush's ineptitude is AT LAST revealed, and as the utter LIES that define the Republican Party agenda are shown, mainstream America has recoiled in horror at the direction of our country.

So the Republicans can enjoy their time now. It is ending. Sure, there will be foan-at-the-mouth zealots on the Supreme Court, who will vote to end abortion, civil rights laws, labor laws (including child labor laws), and so on....but most of our populace is enlightened enough such laws are less necessary than they used to be. However, their plans to destroy Social Security are gone, their dreams of destroying education are gone, their plans for more wars are gone (although I would be, and HAVE ALWAYS BEEN in favor of attacking Iran).

They had their time, and their power. They spent it stopping gays from getting married. Well done! Well done!


Bush is the wprst leader in the history of the world.

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