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I just finished my wife's taxes, and it was a nightmare. It started out pretty good, she had kept all her receipts in a plastic bag, however when I open it I could not find her T-4 or her tax forms. An immediate search of the house was conducted after I was blamed for misplacing it. She found the missing forms in a second baggy, apparently one baggy could not hold it all.

I then started to sort out the mess into piles on the kitchen table, one for donations, one for medical, one for other, one for next year's taxes and one for non-deductibles (she kept everything). Just as I was sorting the last receipt, one of our non-deductables, Cat One, decides to give me a hand sorting.

After I put the cat out and restored the piles, I started to fill in the forms. First box; "Enter you social insurance number if it is not on the label . . ." I passed on this one as her social insurance number was on the label. Second box; "Enter your date of birth." Now you would think that the government would make a point of recording such information as birth dates so you would not have to keep filling these things out. It was good that it was eight spaces as I could fill in only the first two, "19", so I made a mental note to check her driver's licence.

Next I pencil in the numbers and was making good time until I realised that there is no line on the T1S-B for medical deductions. I had wasted my time filling out the wrong forms. Back to Revenue Canada I go to get the right forms and when I return someone has let Cat One back in.

After re-restoring the piles, I penciled in the numbers and then reached for the pocket calculator to start aggregating the numbers. Six, seven, nine, four plus . . . equals the big goose egg. Now at this point you might think I was quite proud for achieving a taxable income of nil and normally I would be, but I was adding up her non-refundable tax credits.

The pocket calculator was broken and now I had to move everything off the kitchen table and into the computer room so I could use the computer as a calculator. This involved evicting Cat Two from the computer chair. Yes we have a spare cat and this weekend a house guest who just happens to be a rabbit (also not deductable). So after I get back form getting a drink, and you need one or two while you are doing your wife's taxes, not only has Cat Two reclaimed the chair but she has also sorted my papers.

After I had the draft tax forms perfected, I completed the final ones in ink and began the process of separating the copies of receipts from the originals. That's when I realised that some of the medical receipt copies were originals. Was I going to include them for the sake of $20? Well I can still hear the words of my Public Finance professor who said, "Begrudge the government of every cent you give them, because they will only waste it."

No truer words were every said. It was getting late, so what was the quickest way to redo the forms. I found that I had to make changes to only three forms including the T1-General and I could make my changes on the spoiled copies then transfer the results onto the erased pencil copies. Also, because the first half of the T1-General form was all right, I just needed to cut it in half and replaced the last half.

Redoing the forms went reasonable well, considering I erased one form too many. Never did see the use of that form. Now all I had to do was stuff everything in that little envelope that comes with your tax package. No such luck, not only will my wife not be able to get away with two first class stamps but she will have to provide her own envelope this year.

Tomorrow night, my taxes. Wish me luck!

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