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I kind of scoffed at the people who say how much better Morrowind is than Oblivion or Skyrim. Now I'm thinking that they are right. If anything the 100% voice acting standard for the latter games is highly over rated. If there are subtitles and voice acting, I probably cut most of the spoken dialogue after I have it read the subtitle. Here is a well put together video on why Morrowind is the apex of the TES series.

If anyone is going to Morrowind for the first time or back after a long time, here are my top 10 hints.

1. Thief builds are better than fighters and fighters are better than mages on your first play through.

2. Endurance, agility, and luck are the most important skills for a melee character early in the game.

3. Alchemy is way overpowered in the game. (google:Morrowind Speed Run). There are so many ingredients to make Restore Health potions in the starter area, that it almost impossible to get killed.

4. Conjuration has the best bang for the buck with bound weapons early in the game. Not only do you get to use deadly daedric weapon for a short time, it is also weightless, and it gives +10 skill fortification.

5. Have at least two skills as miscellaneous skills with the same underlying attribute. Example would be to have Light Armor and Marksman as major and minor skills and leaves Stealth and Block as the Miscellaneous. This allows the character to use the trainers to advance agility without increasing levels a bit easier. Since Endurance and Personality only have 3 skills associated with them, I would be reluctant to use any of the underlying skills as a major or minor skill.

6. Regardless of what I said with #5, Speechcraft is valuable early in the game and Mercantile is worthless almost throughout the game.

7. Favorite birthsigns are Thief and Warrior since they give permanent +10 evasion or attack throughout the game at all time, not just once a day when I remember to click on their special ability. I also like the Atronach with 50% spell absorption,however it is a little more difficult to get the magicka pool refilled in Morrowind than Oblvivion or Skyrim.

8. Practice your hand to hand skill on defenseless little old dummer ladies in the privacy of their own home. Most of them don't have any weapons other than their fist, so they can't do any damage until your fatigue drops below zero, unlike mudcrabs. This is what I miss the most in Oblivion and Skyrim.

9. Check everything! Random loot is a lot better in Morrowind than what it was in Oblivion and definitely better than Skyrim. The Overhaul adds to the loot bonanza it seems. Even walking around town in Balmora, you can find nice random starter stuff or just stuff that can be sold off to buy better stuff.

10. Keep a pen and notepad so that you can scribble notes down. This game doesn't have the quest markers like the other two. The journal system is marginal at best. Being able to read, understand, and follow directions is paramount to the game.

I'll just put down one character build down as an example as an easy starter.

Race and Gender: Anything except maybe Altmer(High Elf)

Specialization: Magic or Stealth but not Combat(I like to keep the combat skills as low as possible since all 3 endurance skills are combat related and I try make it as cheap as possible when paying for training.)

Favorite Attributes: Endurance and Luck because it is such a ****! to increase.

Major Skills: Long Blade, Conjuration, Unarmored(carry more loot this way), Speechcraft, and Block.

Minor Skills: Sneak, Mysticism, Alchemy, Athletics, and Acrobatics.

Birthsign: Thief for the +10 evasion.

Once you have the bound long sword spell and any crappy shield, it is fairly resilient character even without any armor other than the shield. Mid or late game it is fairly easy to switch to one of the armor classes as they should all be trained up.

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