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I love it. In your previous post you deny calling other cultures "animals" but when I ask for an example of an ANIMAL limiting its offspring--you use the American Indian! So, your example of ANIMALS controlling their population is AMERICAN INDIANS. I don't think they would appreciate the insinuation.

If I ever said that any human cultures are not animals, I did not intend to. I can't find that post you refer to. We are all animals. I don't think any Native American would be upset by being called an animal if it was out of respect, and my reference to their culture is out of complete respect! You are blatantly insinuating that being called an animal is a negative thing. Guess what Frecs, you're an animal too, and I mean that out of respect too! I don't know of the situation with the PBS special you mentioned, but natural wildfires (not caused by humans) will strip an area of vegetation every so often and it's actually good for the land. Maybe the native Americans knew what they were doing. This country was a beautiful thriving place before the Christians came.

And, regarding why not whales, etc. Because they have no soul. (According to Genesis, God breathed life into only one of His creations--man.) Because they do not have the same reasoning abilities that humans have.

I'm challenging you to think outside the biblical box. Try thinking in terms of the Native Americans or any other culture that does not believe in (or even know of) the bible. What does God say to them? Certainly not that God breathed life into only one of his creations. True, whales do not have the same reasoning abilities humans have, but humans do not have the same aquatic breathing capabilities that whales have. Nor do humans have CO2 producing capabilities that plants have, and we'd surely die if the plants were not here. We are all needed to ensure a thriving ecosphere.

Anytime population control is a course of action, abortion is its primary resource. Planned Parenthood sees to that. Just ask China, for just one example among many.

Not "anytime" Frecs. Sometimes, yes, but not anytime. My Mom practiced population control without ever having an abortion. Many millions in this country practice population control voluntarily without having abortions. The population of the US is stabilizing, not becuase of abortion (although it is admittedly a contributor), because of preventative population control. Catholicism (and other Judeo-Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist religions) denounces this practice as evil. They are saying that people should have as many kids as they want, right? They are saying that the population should continue to grow, and that there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, there is something wrong with that. There's not going to be enough food for all those people eventually. All those people will squash out the other species that need food to live because, we are humans, and "if it comes down to that deer eating my vegetables in my backyard or that coyote eating that cow from my ranch then I'll just kill it because I deserve to eat more that that other animal does."

Then all the deer and coyotes and birds and racoons will be gone and all the micro-organisms that those animals support will be gone. It'll be humans and wheat and corn and cows and chickens and pigs left. Hey, that's all we'll need right? Maybe a tomato or two and some strawberries for desert. But nature cannot survive that way. We'll kill ourselves off by killing off the other species. It's murder and suicide that Catholicism is supporting by taking a stance against birth control. Plain and simple.

Anyone else care to chime in here?

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