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I made a longer blog entry riffing on that rant

One thing about his rant is -- it's a little misplaced. The advanced lithium batteries weren't available 8+ yrs ago when the big car companies were dragged kicking and screaming to deliver electric cars. The advanced lithium batteries were a side effect of gadgetry like cell phones and laptops which had the same power density needs that electric cars have. The talk time or play time of a cell phone or laptop is directly related to the same power density limitations that kept electric cars from being more satisfying 8 yrs ago.

The major issue with lithium batteries is safety. On my blog posting I've linked to some other postings elsewhere about exploding lithium batteries.

The thing the Tesla car shows is crossing a threshold where electric cars bypass the main complaint against them ... the range between charges ... Because of the performance envelope the Tesla car has, one could easily see their daily driving needs satisfied even for days that have long daily driving needs. The only thing it would not cover is real long haul driving like cross country trips or insane commutes or road warrior types that spend all day on the road.

An interesting idea from the Chairman of Tesla was ... In "a world 100% full of Prius drivers is still 100% addicted to oil" ... It's only by going to a car that has an electric-only driving mode that we really divorce ourselves from oil.

However ... as the guy in "Who Killed the Electric Car" said ... there's roughly 1 trillion barrels of oil left in the ground (depending on the model you use to predict available oil) .. so at $100 per barrel (a not inconcievable price) that's $100 trillion of business that remains to be done. That tells you the amount of business pressure that can be put to bear to keep the oil industry in business.

I don't think the real solution to oil addiction will come from the big car companies. The big car companies have been in bed with the oil industry for too long to be able to change.
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