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I personally knew Vint Cerf and others who built the internet from the ground up, along with 3000 or more other telecom engineers who know how to build and run networks, both landline and radio (public safety, cellular, GSM, CDMA, WiMax, etc).

Then it might interest you to know that Vinton Cerf is an advocate of Net Neutrality principles.

The point is not that you shouldn't have to pay for consumption. That's the model that's in place right now. If you want access, you pay. If you want a higher bandwidth uplink, you pay (and usually you get a corresponding higher monthly bandwidth cap). If you exceed your cap you'll probably be ignored but if you're a perennial, excessive abuser and you really are damaging other people's access then you'll get the boot. Fine.

The point is that at no point in time should your provider have any capacity to decide what you are doing with your bandwidth. If you want to visit the dumbest corners of the Internet where people post their costumed cat dancing videos then you should be able to without any consequence. No stateful packet inspection, no throttling, no traffic shaping. Any modification of your data to this effect is basically making you pay twice. You paid for Internet access and you should get the whole thing. If you want to call your mom in Australia using Skype instead of paying a per-minute long distance fee to your Telco, then that's within your rights. If you want to watch Hulu instead of buying a tiered cable package from the cable company, then that's within your rights. These services are legal and incumbent businesses should not be able to limit or otherwise damage your access to them in order to protect their aging business models.

This guarantees that competitive forces remain in effect on the Internet. Net Neutrality principles aims to protect the system that's already in place right now, which evolved naturally on genuine free-market principles as a result of mass participation by like-minded, profit-seeking participants.

Now major corporations are trying to skew and tilt this existing, level playing field to protect their assets from competitors by creating a false environment of scarcity. This would absolutely destroy innovation and competition and every technical authority on the subject, including the "founding fathers" of the Internet like Vint Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee, are in agreement. Net Neutrality seeks to deny the gatekeepers from deciding where you can go within the city once you've paid to pass the gates.

Without the principles of Net Neutrality in place, as they are now in their naturally evolved state, we would never have had things like Google, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, Facebook, Wordpress, eBay, Hotmail, Flickr, etc. All of these web innovations were started substantially by individuals or small groups of individuals with very little in the way of resources outside of creativity. They would have been squashed by incumbent corporate competitors who used the Internet against them to protect their own incumbent interests. Now what about the next Google or Twitter or whatever?

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