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I personally think we are learning hear why when on a "stock" board you should stick to talking about the stock and facts related to the stock and leave your political beliefs at the door.

I have seen this many times on other boards also where they is a "great" environment of learning and getting along and then people start making political and religious comments and all of a sudden everyone is at their throat.

That said I have a few comments from two of the recent posts:

Part of teaching youth our own value systems is in pointing out those things that are in direct conflict with it.

I'm sorry I didn't realize you teach your child values threw posts on this board. Let me suggest that is not a very effective and hopefully as you can see a potential destructive method of teaching.

Darned if I'll ever be afraid to call a wrong, a wrong, for fear the "tolerant" police who thrive on smoothed over feelings might throw a hissy fit.

It has nothing to do with tolerant police it has to do with "respect" for your fellow human being. For example, I am Jewish. I personally think that the idea someone can belief that God had a son who walked this earth is fool hearty. But would I ever tell you that you are a nut because you believe in Jesus. Absolutely not! Why because I respect your opinion and I believe you are entitled to your own beliefs as long as they are not harming anyone else. Do I tell my children privately why I don't believe in Jesus? You better believe it!

It goes the same on this topic. There is scientific evidence out there that says that sexual orientation is not a choice. Personally, I have no idea weather that is true or not but I certainly would give anyone the benefit of the doubt on this topic.

I can tell you because I know you are thinking of many reasons this is different that there is a "big" difference between the two issues. On the religion issue there are MANY people who don't respect the fact that I don't believe in Jesus and will do what they can to convert me to their beliefs.

With a "gay or lesbian" lifestyle, I can tell you that I have known a number of people who live those life styles and I have NEVER EVER EVEN once had them try to convert me to their lifestyle.

Paul T., you may think you are perfect, you may think you have all the answers but believe me you DON'T. It is great to have a strong belief system and value system and to stick to it. It is WRONG to think you should not respect others who have different values then your own but don't do others any harm.

JimBNorman wrote:
Let's all just ignore him and maybe he'll go away. If he doesn't understand that he has to apologize for his homophobic and religious bigoted views then there's nothing more than can be done for him.

All of the above said I can't agree with JimBNorman. This comes from two different perspectives. The first is although I violently disagree with PaulT on this issue it doesn't mean I can't and haven't learned things from him that are valuable. Also if you have read PaulT's posts you would know that he has done a lot of good community work and his done a lot of wonderful things that definitely outweigh some dumb remarks on this board.

Yes what Imus said was wrong and what PaulT said was wrong but we don't live in a world of much tolerance when one statement or comment takes precedence on a life time of work.

Second, from the opposite perspective. Bigoted and intolerant people have to be watched not ignored. Because while for the most part they may be benign everyone once in awhile they become VERY dangerous. We know the atrocities that occurred during and before WW II was in large part because of people ignoring intolerance.

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