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I think most know that this board "Current Events" was started 10 years ago today by TMFTwitty within a few hours of the planes crashing into the towers. It was a direct response and forum to discuss the 9/11 attacks for the MF community. If you go to post number number 1 for this board and browse through some of the initial MF reaction you'll find a microcosm of everything that was being felt, thought and speculated about that day as information and rumors trickled out - both true and false.

I was using the MF boards primarily as a vehicle for finding and vetting investment ideas. That morning I was transfixed watching the 9/11 events unfold on CNBC and needed some place to vent and try to deal. Found this board.

This developed into quite an interesting community over the subsequent years. Although the activity level appears to have fallen off recently, I see there are still a number of "old-timers' posting here. Given the origins of this board, I'm surprised there is not more MF attention here today.

Anyway, with all the media retrospective and the many anecdotes offered in answer to the question "Where were you on 9/11?" I felt I should check back in. My answer is that I was here on the Current Events board.

This was my first post on the board 9/11/2001:

Author: exoracle
Subject: Declare War against an Indivdual?
Date: 9/11/2001 9:08 PM

Why not?

I've heard a lot of nonsense in the media along the line of "We are at war, but we don't know against who?"

What crap.

Ben Laden has declared war against us.




He could not have been more clear.

Moreover, he is winning. He has destroyed our embassies. He has incapacitated our warships. He has killed our citizens and our soldiers. He killed more Americans in a sneak attack today than were killed at Pearl Harbor. He has greater resources at his disposal than many countries.

Why not a formal declaration of war? Against Ben Laden, and any state the supports or shields him.

The message for the Talaban in Afghanistan:

We appreciate your expression of condolences today. BTW, you have 24 hours to turn over Ben Laden, or you are included in the declaration of war and will suffer the consequences - starting in hour 25. Have a good day.

CC was here and posting a few hours earlier:

Author: CCSand
Subject: This Is The Price We Pay Date: 9/11/2001 1:49 PM

... when we are unable to bring together all people to live in peace with one another.

I have been crying most of the morning.

No, this was not our fault. I'm not saying that.

We can no longer pretend that we can go on about our business in this country ignoring what is happening in the rest of the world, or even in our own country. The world can come to us far too easily now.

For what it's worth, this attack was bigger than Pearl Harbor. Over 2400 people died in Pearl Harbor. Each one of the trade center towers held 10,000 workers with another 5,000 visitors each day. The casualties will be staggering.

This was a declaration of war.


I find these posts to be oddly synchronistic with the Noam Chomsky article linked by Trismus in another thread, also speaking to the Bin Laden declaration of war.


Certainly there is an argument to be made that we overreacted and overextended ourselves unnecessarily in Iraq with serious negative consequences in the US. But it is a bit of a stretch bordering on absurdity - nay - hilarity to claim, as Chomsky does,that Bin Laden has substantially succeeded in the war he declared against us. Particularly since he is - you know - seriously dead, the Taliban is out of power, they are holding (moderately corrupt) elections in Afghanistan, attracting foreign investment, growing the non-poppy economy for the first time in decades, providing new freedoms for women and giving girls access to education. No we don't know how it will all turn out in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, etc... But there is a realistic possibility things will turn out better for the people in some or most of these countries, and not in a way that aligns with Bin Laden's vision. Was it worth the cost in our blood and treasure? Probably not. But Bin Laden still lost.

Chomsky has always provided the intellectual fodder for the Blame America First crowd, and this piece is no different. It is getting tougher though, as he has to ignore a great deal of the on the ground reality in the Arab world today to make his point.

Speaking only for myself - 10 years into our full engagement in "Bin Laden's War", I am more than ready to declare victory and start seriously winding our foreign engagements down. But not because Bin Laden is winning as Chomsky asserts. Because Bin Laden is Dead. Because Bin Laden lost. Because his cause is lost.

We won. Bring the troops home.

I was going to submit this as a new post, but I think I'll just reply to my original post on this board and bookend the 10 year war, the 10 year anniversary of "Current Events", and my 10 years of sporadic participation on this board.

Geez - that is a long time to be explaining things to you people.

- exo

Howie52 - Is there a technical term for dragging a 10 year old thread into a current discussion?
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