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I understand that it's easier for you to attack me personally and mischaracterize my argument than it is to actually address it, but that really serves no useful purpose. It's not even interesting.

You don't have an argument. The entire world's governments, not to mention (hopefully) our own, never spend 10 seconds worrying about your strawman arguments. That would include your favorite Socialist nations overseas too.

Let's break down your "comments".

You're continually equating the arguments that Islam has been feeding the terrorist movement as an equal to Christianity. Suffice it to say you think it's unfair that people continuously charge that Muslim terrorists are a huge problem, and Christians are not. Is that a fair assessment? If not, maybe you're attempting to infer that the world of Islam is not a problem because of their religion, but rather in spite of it? Or perhaps you're saying that terrorist activity on US soil is equally bad amongst Christian people than Muslims?

Please define your logic.

If you ask people around the world, or even Obama himself, what is the biggest problem.

1. Terrorist individuals or groups launching attacks in the name of Christ.

2. Terrorist individuals or groups launching attacks in the name of Allah.

In addition, review the track record of those Islamic nations. You can go from Africa to Asia to the Middle East. As a Democrat, you're pretty familiar with;

1. Violence against women
2. Human Rights
3. Peaceful nations
4. Diversity and tolerance
5. Religious freedom
6. Democracy versus dictatorships

I'll lay this out. There is no other group of individuals or countries that, taken as a whole, have violated every single tenet of the Democratic Party than Islam as a whole. There are no other groups or individuals, taken as a whole, or individually, that even remotely come close to launching terrorist strikes against those they don't like than Muslims. This goes back way before 911, and continues every day of the week.

Now when people's memories are refreshed after each such attack, they watch and listen to the liberal viewpoint. In almost every case, they listen to folks like you constantly retort that Christians have engaged in bombings, Christians have killed people. Then they look at the constant flow of news around the world, and wonder what the heck tour motivation really is. I think it's fair to say you're a nice guy, maybe it's fair to say most Democrats and Republicans are good Americans. We may have different views, but that's only the natural way of things.

I think we all know that to engage in religious bigotry is not the American way at all. I doubt many people would even mention their religion if not for their constant use of religion in motivating their constant attacks and threats. If a group of people continuously attacks you, makes threats against you, and their only single uniting factor is that they did it because of their religious beliefs, at what point do you listen to them? Maybe the news media has been withholding the names of Christian groups that have announced they will kill the Infidels in the name of Christ. Maybe I missed the news article where a country has stated that they will eventually exterminate another nation in the name of Christ.

So I have to ask again. How on earth do you even remotely equate them to us, or Them to Christianity on general? I'm not leaving you any wiggle room here, it's high time liberals got up on the stand and answered direct questions. No weasel words, no cries of Unfair, just state your reasoning no matter how silly or incredibly brilliant it might be.
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