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yet when I send email messages to my friend with a blackberry, the messages are always in yellow.

Is it my computer, or her phone?

Help would be greatly appreciated.
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Howdy Hypnosis,

I do use Outlook, but not a Blackberry.

Do you send the e-mail/s in Plain Text, Rich Text or HTML? Only e-mails sent in Rich Text or HTML will have a background color included.

My wife uses a Blackberry @ werk, so she's looking at a coupla things for me...She says the Default for e-mails received on a Blackberry do not have a background color, so it may be a setting on your friend's phone.

If you need a faster reply, y'all might try posting on HWTSC...

...since that board is very active.

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Thank you. I just sent her an email in plain text, along with your explanation. (I still use Word 2003)

I had forgotten about the help with this stupid computer board. Thanks for reminding me.

Hope your wife comes up with something. I do not even have a cell phone, never mind a blackberry.

Also, thanks for the super quick reponse.

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