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I wasn't raised with sodas or packaged cookies, they just weren't as common back then, but we had sweet tea with every meal.

Wow! There's one I missed... the whole sweet stuff to drink. And making me feel like I'm some kind of miser for ordering WATER to go with my meal at a restaurant. Sheesh, I wish they'd just charge the same amount for water as for soda and stop treating those of us who don't necessarily think that all food should be accompanied with either: SUGAR, ALCOOL or NUTRASWEET, like we're 2nd class citizens!

We had ice cream all summer and cakes or pies in the other months. It was just normal for us.

Since you brought that up... in the summer it wasn't uncommon for mom or dad to buy us an ice cream on sunday when we were at the park with our friends... but the ice creams were so small... and the walking around was so much, that prolly from a calorie standpoint, they were freebies ;-)

To my co-workers, I am a weird-o for only getting one single small brownie from the all you can eat buffet, and one single plate from the buffet proper, and half of that was salad with no dressing. (I can't stand salad dressing, mayonaise or anything like that. I never could)
they think I'm wasting my money, but which is the bigger waste, the $3.95 for a buffet or shoveling excess food into my mouth where it will be stored as fat by my body and make my clothes uncomfortable, increase my chances of heart disease, diabeties, high blood pressure and stroke and make me guilty later because I DID eat it.

LOL! I've had the same thing happen! Here's my explanation to them:

"I paid $X.XX for the meal. I consider that amount of money to be what I pay for the priviledge of enjoying lunch with you guys... it's obviously not tied to what I then choose to eat from the buffet. Way I see it the $X.XX is a fair price for the experience. If I stuff myself, I'll pay an additional price immediatelly with the stuffed discomfort and again an additional price with the getting fatter"

I've found that convincing myself that the money I spend on food is to buy the experience rather tahn the food makes it much easier for me to disconnect the quantity of food from the price.

And incidentally the same applies to food I MAKE AT HOME!!!!

If I've got some pasta left in my dish and I'm really not hungry anymore, I used to just eat it so it wouldn't go to waste.

Now I just tell myself "was lunch good? YES! Did I enjoy it? YES! Did I save a lot of money compared to if I'd eaten out? YES! If I eat that pasta, rather than throwing it out... do I get any richer? NO! just Fatter!

sounds silly that I have to consciously play that whole thing in my head, but I'm firmly convinced I have a demented "must eat everything I paid for" automatic behaviour and I'll be damned if I don't figure out how to overpower the sucker, if it takes giving myself dumb little pep talks (quietly of course) 'till I'm blue in the face.


Who thinks that the whole problem lies in the fact that "ANYTHING" and "EVERYTHING" sound so close to one another.

Truly enjoying what America has to offer (and this country surely does have A LOT to offer) should be done by appreciating how you can often choose to have almost ANYTHING you want.

Switch that ANYTHING with EVERYTHING and suddenly you have obesity, cronic debt... etc. etc. etc.
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