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I would venture to say that, percentage-wise, the number of libruls who put their money where their mouth is and open their wallets when PBS asks for money is in the single digits. Libruls always want the government to pay for things. They LOVE spending OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY.

This is one of the stupidest statements from a Rightie that I have read on PA in a very long time. Then again, I have read enough of this poster's drivel to consider the source. Nevertheless, one should never confuse blind ignorance with simple partisanship.

I believe that liberals are more than willing to support non-profit causes with hard-earned dollars. In this particular instance, more than 80% of PBS's funding comes from non-government sources. I have no way to know the breakdown; but I must assume that corporations, libruls, democrats in general and even <GASP> republicans contribute. To put libruls in the single-digit category would appear to be as much woefully ignorant as disingenuous and purposefully misleading. Or maybe just deluded, magical thinking on your part. It is a stupid assumption without any verifiable basis in fact, nor even imagination. To continue down that same ignorant road and maintain that libruls want the government to pay for things under the pretense of wanting the government to spend other peoples' money solely for the sake of doing so is simply doubling down on your flagrant and arrogant ignorance.

My annual contribution to various PBS entities is in the (low) thousands of dollars. I value their programing and I enjoy certain components myself, all the while appreciating that much of their programing, while not of much interest to me personally, does benefit many others unknown to me.....Those would be my (catholic) Biblical kin.

You need, sir, to sit your sorry, ignorant a$$ down in front of the TV and watch some Big Bird. Thereby you might learn some basic learning skills, common decency, reasoning skills and respect and appreciation for the common weal.

I refrain from putting you in the p-box because I always want to know what the mentally-challenged are up to, the better to refute the ignorant political poison they are so prone to throw about so indiscriminately.

I believe that public support is such that PBS could well survive a total cut in government funding. There are enough libruls and like-minded people of all political persuasion to guarantee its continued survival and success. This doen not mean that I think their funding should be cut for the sake of the misguided wishes of a minority of ignorant, vindictive Luddites such as yourself.

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