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This has progressed from an annoyance to a scheduling emergency.

About a week ago, more or less, iCal stopped displaying newly-created events. It also seems to me that it is no longer showing one-time-only events, though it is showing all of my recurring events.

I am running Mac OS 10.7.5 on a MacBookPro, with no other visible problems. I use iCloud, which automatically syncs my MBP with my iPad.

Rebooting does not help.

I did a Google search, and learned that I am not the only person suffering from disappearing iCal events. As far as I can tell, Apple has yet to reply to any of these complaints. It may have something to do with iCloud, but this is just a guess.

Does anyone know anything about this? Or have a strategy that will bring iCal back to life? Without a calendar I am seriously in trouble, and I may have to go back to Microsoft Outlook or just pencil and paper <shudder>.

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Here is the standard place to start.

I have suffered what you describe. It has generally been I managed to turn off a calendar and/or did not understand how the data worked.

You do have a calendar (named calendar by default) on your MBP. You also have a calendar (also frustratingly in my view named calendar by default) in iCloud. Any guess what you have on your iPad -- another one. If you have events in say your iPad calendar and you uncheck iPad syncing with iCloud - those are not going to show up except on your iPad. Even if the iPad is still syncing with the cloud, if you choose not to display the iPad calendar on your MBP, the events on your iPad are not going to show on your MBP - but they will show in's calendar since that is syncing to your iPad in this example.

Yea it is confusing. I finally resolved things by first renaming all my calendars so I could keep track of what was where. Next I found out what events were on what calendars. I trashed a couple of empty calendars. I moved a lot of events between calendars. Finally I have only one calendar that shows up my iCloud calendar and I have everything syncing everywhere.

That setup works for me - 99% of the time. Occasionally something changes a check mark, but it is not hard to sort out with my simple system. Folks who have multiple calendars have a much more complex issue.

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