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Anyone here own this fund?

It appears an excellent proposition, not to mention that Money Control ranks it very highly. I know it did not perform too well last quarter but as far as I could make, it still appears a good deal to me.

It's trading at about Rs.26 now with a minimum investment of Rs.5000. The other option was the Standard Chartered Premier Equity Fund (trading at about Rs. 20 - but the minimum investment is Rs. 25,000!) I am wary of pumping in that much on a single fund at this point of time.

If anyone else here has invested in these growth funds, please share your opinions / feedback / information. I'm a relative newbie.

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I do not like new fund offers  they have no track record and  high costs that will eventually be passed to you. Your money eventually pays for all that promotion. Most mutual fund agents will
sell you New funds because the commisions they make are more for such funds.

One place where you can discuss indian mutual funds with other indian investors is

There is also

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