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If they cave on this, I'm voting Libertarian.

I certainly understand your vote for a liberarian. But to me that's a status quo vote. There are always a small number of folks who vote libertarian for President. I admire the stand on principle, but it won't really change the outcome of an election. I used to ask libertarians to vote republican and given so many close elections, and the probability that the vast majority of libertarians side more with republicans than democrats for obvious reasons, that by doing so would more republicans would get elected. And I thought, as a conservative that the republican party stood for the same principles as most conservatives did, at least that's what they said when they opened their mouths to speak. But their actions and inactions have led me to learn that republicans only talk conservative but govern as moderates and democrat lites. This is not good for the country. So now, I believe that real change will only come about if we make sure that one party, the democrat party, is able to have complete control and allow their policies to bring the country to its knees. That's why I am going to help democrats. If libertarians would join me, we together could assure a filibuster-proof democrat Senate, a vast majority of democrats in the House, and a democrat President. Look, republicans have demonstrated, as they will in a day or two, and in a couple of months when they cave on the debt ceiling (AGAIN) that they simply are ineffective and allow themsleves to be snookered and they cannot get the job done. They cave at every turn. We didn't vote for them to bend over for 0bama and the dems which they have been doing over and over, we voted for them to fight against them and for us, for America, for conservative principles. They are impotent and they do their best to convince us that they really care about conservative and constitutional principles and we buy into their phony words even though time-after-time they continue to act in ways which contradict their words. Look at what we've been served up: Dole, McCain, Romney, Boehner, Grahm, and the rest who did not do the right thing during the first debt ceiling "crises" and will not do the right thing now or during the next debt ceiling "crisis." All of these cowards tried their best to convince the republican base that they were conservatives and would stand up to the left and yet we all knew better but we bought into the lie.

No more. They have lost my vote forever or until the party reemerges as a genuine conservative party with genuine conservatives running it, running for office, winning and governing.

You can't really believe can you that the republicans are going to get any meaningful spending cuts in the next 48 hours, or any real cuts, not phony cuts that 0bama just claimed today that he did - over a trillion dollars he crowed about?

You are smarter than than wolf, much smarter.
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