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If Osama Bin Laden had been captured and put on trial in an Islamic country by an Islamic court the US would be seen in a MUCH better light among Muslims around the world. That would also have given the majority of Muslims the opportunity to say to the world, "See, we are a civilized people who respect Islamic law and we did the right thing." The US would be seen by western countries as a nation that respected the "rule of law" and one that stands by their convictions. More moderate Muslim countries would be more inclined to work with the US to stop terrorism.

For those of you who will argue (and you know you will) that no Islamic country would have taken the chance because they would become a target for extremists, think about how much money the US sends to various predominantly Islamic countries. How much trouble would it be to say to the government of one of those countries, "Here's the deal, either you put OBL on trial in your country under Islamic law or we stop sending you money and support."

There are also countries that are predominantly Islamic but have a secular government. Turkey has Islamic courts as well as secular courts and I doubt they would be fearful of Islamic extremists. There are other countries that could/would have done it as well.

But that's in the past. We missed that opportunity and we can't get it back. We CAN however start doing that with extremist leaders NOW. Instead of sending drones to kill them and "accidently" killing hundreds of innocent civilians in the process, we could send in a covert team to capture them and take them to a country willing to try them under Islamic law. We don't need to capture every single one of them, just enough to show that the US will work with these countries where they are hiding to "do the right thing." Do that a few times and the reputation of the United States will almost certainly begin to rise in the eyes of Muslims around the world.

As a nation, we are trigger happy. Drones are easy and no American lives are in danger when we use them. They are relatively precise so we don't kill hundreds with one strike and we can use them over and over. The problem is that we start to believe that since we only kill a few innocents here and there (adding up to hundreds over time) we're doing well and we aren't p'ing people off. We ARE p'ing people off though and we're losing status in those countries that otherwise would be on our side.

Right now Obama has promised "justice" for the Libya killings. That justice almost certainly will be based on drone attacks to kill those who killed Americans in Libya. I propose that when they are found (and they will be) that the President sends in a team to capture them and take them to an Islamic country for trial in an Islamic court.

PLEASE do this Mr. President! You will find that it will work wonders for our reputation in countries that now believe we are on a mission to kill all Muslims.

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