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If you take a glass of 16 oz that has 8 ounces it in, is it 'half full'? true or false? is it half 'empty'? true or false. If something is true, can it also be false? Aha..... the answer to the first two questions is yes.....but the answer to the third question you have a problem.

Your statment is a Logical fallacy I believe.
Is the glass "half" full is a measurement of fullness.
Is the glass "half" empty is a measurement of emptyness.
Both are true statements so your question of "is it both true and false" does not apply in this case since you have not stated a false here at all.

If question one is true, and question two is true, about the same glass of water, how can it be both true and false?

You have not stated any false statments, your question is nonesense since there are no true and false observations here.

Ask residents of the area of Conn, are you in favor of war, or would you like to follow the British, and 95% of them might say war (1775)......ask it in 1812, and you might get a different answer...... ask it in 1941, and you might get another answer......

Your point is?
That given different sets of data and information and circumstances that people will give different answers?
Or are you saying that once an enemy it should be always an enemy forever and ever and ever?

You may need to more clearly state what your viewpoint is here.

In the early 1900s, you might get a reward for shooting John Dillinger, the bank robber in the back.....$10,000 reward, dead or if you shoot anyone in the back, no matter how 'wanted' they are, you are likely going to be executed, and he'll be given five life terms, eliible for parole in 18 months.

Really, have any specific examples of this; where a person wanted dead or alive, killed by someone (shot in the back), where the shooter has been sent to jail(specifics please)? Or are you making this up like Ronnie Rayguns mythical welfare queen, the mythical gay agenda, the mythical Murican hating commie pinko liberal, and the mythical mid-west family farm lost due to estate taxes?

You go camping in the woods 1000 feet from your house, and a bear attacks. You kill it.....oops, it was an endangered are going to jail

Not true.
If attacked by a dangerous species (endangered or not) and you defend yourself the law is clear that you will not be jailed or fined, of course if your life was not in danger and you just offed the critter because you had a big gun then you will be prosecuted (and correctly so).

The usual statement found in law is usually as this example from California Law on mountain lions (a protected species):
"An individual is not guilty of a violation of this section if it is demonstrated that, in taking or injuring a mountain lion, the individual was acting in self-defense or in defense of others. "

By the way black bears are not a protected species, and the worst you get is nailed for is out of season hunting (if it was not self-defense)...also note that black bears are rather shy and will rarely if ever attack a human being since we are a dangerous and large critters. Most cases of black bear attacks are because some a$$hat is "poking the bear" and annoying it or threatening its cubs and rarely because the bear is starving (usually due to being maimed or loss of habitat).

Grizzly bears though are still listed as endangered and if you are attacked by one you are wise to climb a tree, roll into a fetal ball, get in the car, etc., rather than attempt to kill them. Unless you have a very big gun with plenty of stopping power and know where to shoot them (not the forehead doofus, mostly the bullet bounces off) shooting them is more likely to piss them off than kill them.

The chance of a bear visitation also goes down if you keep a clean camp, follow good bear policy, and realize you are in thier home, not yours.

You may want to re-examine your rant for these illogical inconsistancies and perhaps next time post real facts, not myth and bias.


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