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The United States Government oppresses me every two weeks! They take over 7% of my paycheck for "Social Security", and an equal amount from my employer that could otherwise be paid to me. Now if this "Social Security" somehow improved society (especially my part of society) I might not be so unhappy about it, but it clearly doesn't.

The way I look at it, Social Security does far more harm than good. The Social Security Administration (which is government-ese for useless, bloated bureaucracy) states that SS is not enough for one to live off of in retirement. Too many Americans have no clue that this is the case, so they're already behind the eight-ball. Anyone who passed 5th grade math can figure out that current population trends will mean that either benefits will have to be reduced below the sub-poverty level they are currently at and/or taxes on workers will have to rise exponentially to have any chance of the program existing by the time my generation retires, which is not the hallmark of a successful program. Even the message of the program, that Big Daddy Government will take care of Poor Widdle Citizens when they retire by "holding onto" their money for them because they're incapable of saving for retirement, only gives people false hope.

IMHO, if anyone relies on one penny of SS to fund their retirement they have utterly failed to take any personal financial responsibility. The government is stealing from you while you work with the promise of money later, but they neglect to tell you that your return on investment is so pitiful that it would be funny if it weren't so tragic. Every cent they take out of your paycheck to fund SS is one less cent you can legitimately invest for retirement (by legitimately I mean via a method that will actually give a positive return on investment, which is nearly impossible with SS unless you live to be 140).

SS is nothing more than the government stealing from each and every worker in this country, and the sad part is that many are clamoring for this type of oppression! Even Stalin himself couldn't have come up with a more un-American program if he had lived to be 100.

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