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I'm a bit confused - why is your cell phone bill so high this time (T-Mobile)? Also, why do you need a cell phone and a land line?


-I have a family plan with my partner and my step father. We went over our mins last month. My partner has no job (but is looking) and likes to watch tv. The cable is in with the land line. I also need it for the security system. I live in great neighborhood but things have been happening lately.

Um--you are paying for your step-father and partner's cell phones? Um, no. This sort of thing has to stop if they're not giving you money and if they're looking for jobs but you can't turn off the cable because your partner likes to watch TV. They are abusing your kindness and generosity. Turn off the cable, and if there's complaining, explain nicely that they are welcome to get a job and get cable turned on themselves, in their own name, so you're not in trouble if a bill goes unpaid.

The landline, if you need to keep it for security, make sure you drop it to the bare minimum--no caller ID, no mailboxes, none of that stuff. See if you can get long distance taken off it completely, and use something like for long distance. You ought to be able to get it down to 20-30 dollars a month.

But it's time to stop the free ride. Period. They're draining you dry--you have a responsibility to yourself to not allow such a thing. You are just as important as they are, and you are the only one making money--thus, you are the only one who gets a vote in how the money gets spent. If they don't like it, well, they can go out and get employment. They should be paying you at least some nominal rent for living there--what would rent cost them if they were renting a room in an apartment? You can give them a "family discount," but not all the way down to zero.

I am a great budgeter. I did this financal record thing about two years ago I will try it again.

If you're supporting three people on $26,000/year while paying a $1300 mortgage and only going negative $400/month, then you're a fantastic budgeter. You're just too nice a person. Track your spending, but it sounds to me like there are two big fat expenses just dangling low, waiting to be cut from the branch--anything associated with your partner and your step father that they're not reimbursing you for.

Put your foot down. If they're not bringing in the money to pay for their own cell phones, then they don't get to have cell phones. If they're not bringing in the money to pay for cable, then they don't get cable. If they're not bringing in money to help with food and the mortgage, well...give 'em thirty days and then boot 'em out. Unless the competition for a job at McDonald's is very stiff in your area, they can at least cover the cable, cell phone, and a little rent. You're going deeper into debt every minute, so don't rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic--head for a lifeboat. Please. :-)

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