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I'm going to be a hit and runner on this one, as I don't have a lot of time (just taking a break)...

I was talking with a co-worker this morning and she told me about the news coverage she watched last night of this kid. He's in court, facing arraignment for murder, he's 15 years old.... and there wasn't a single, f****** member of his family there! I am by no means minimizing the agony that Andy has caused, but nothing more needs to be said to me as to why he did what he did. His family should go to prison with him.

Mama.... I'm waaaaaay over simplifying... but at least one of the reasons I think most "troubled" childhoods (such as the one you described for yourself) don't turn into killing rampages is because, I (we) always knew we had SOMEONE who loved us; SOMEONE we could turn to to feel safe. In my case, and I guess in most cases, I'm speaking of my family. When one does not have that haven, one is constantly adrift on the sea... where danger and trouble becomes ever more likely. It's quite apparent that, in Andy's case, he was alone in this world.

Regarding the media coverage... we are all to blame for that. If the public didn't lap up and eagerly anticipate the over-the-top, circus like carnival-barking that is called reporting these days... it wouldn't be there. Plain and simple. Shine the spotlight on yourself.

Because these guys are all about ratings. Nothing else. Don't ever forget that. Whatever makes them money is what's going to be on the air. If ABC wants to beat NBC, then maybe they need to send their anchors out to do a live shot. Well, if ABC is doing it, then NBC, CBS, CNN and everyone else are sure to follow.

It's the pack mentality. And this crap works. If it didn't, you wouldn't be seeing. The same mentality permeates everything about news coverage -- from the site locations to the shows to the story choices.

The people who watch Jerry Springer and the people who take great bemusement in the impoverishness and misery of others (and, evidently there are a LOT of 'em out there) are the people who make this type of coverage pervasive. It is not going to go away, unless fundamental changes take place in the way people treat and respect each other.

In short... when we stop buying this garbage, they'll stop doing it.

It is their job to report the news. Like it or not, this story is a news story. A big news story. That cannot be argued.

What can be argued is HOW they cover it. Until we clean up *our* act, television will remain what it is -- the biggest whore the world has ever seen. Which is exactly what we all want it to be.

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