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I started also investing using MFI and thought I will start posting my story. I started back in July 2012 and will be buying every 3 months. I will be buying 5 stocks and I will use the list of top 30 stocks over $100 mil market cap. I generate the list and then find the stocks that have a CAP rating of 4 stars or more and then pick from there.

My first buys on July 5th where the following:

IDDC @ 29.53
CJES @ 19.04
TNAV @ 6.34
MANT @ 24.30
GTAT @ 5.33

Prices include commission.

My next buy was this past October 1st and there where the following:

PDLI @ 7.88
CSCO @ 19.40
DLX @ 31.18
DLB @ 32.87
HFC @ 39.99

I’m not sure but I might have run the wrong list for the 1st batch using a smaller market cap or the second with a larger cap.

So here it is lets see how this goes.

Big O Fool
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No. of Recommendations: 2
I like the idea of narrowing the list by selecting high CAP rating candidates. However, I would toss out companies with too much debt and a very short history. So here's my 10 minute review of your picks:

IDDC Interdigital Inc
develops wireless technologies that are at the core of mobile devices, networks, and services
debt/equity 0.48 Pass
Incorporated 1972, Public since 1981. Pass

CJES C&J Energy Services
rapidly growing independent provider of premium hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing services debt/equity
0.45 Pass
Founded in 1997 Pass

TNAV TeleNav Inc
provides personalized navigation and location based services.
debt/equity 0 Pass
stock chart is only 2 years. Fail

MANT ManTech International
provides technologies and solutions for national security programs
debt/equity 0.18 Pass
Founded in 1968 Pass

GTAT GT Advanced Technologies
provides polysilicon production technology and crystalline ingot growth systems, and related photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing services for the solar industry worldwide.
debt/equity 0.42 Pass
founded in 1994 Pass

PDLI PDL BioPharma
pioneered the humanization of monoclonal antibodies and, by so doing, enabled the discovery of a new generation of targeted treatments for cancer and immunologic diseases.
debt/equity 0 Pass
incorporated 1986 Pass

CSCO Cisco
Internet protocol based networking and other products related to the communications and IT industries
debt/equity 0.32 Pass
Incorporated 1964 Pass

DLX Deluxe Corp
provides printed products, forms, and marketing solutions to small businesses and financial institutions
debt/equity 2.07 Fail
Founded in 1915 Pass

DLB Dolby Labs
licenses technologies that enhance sound quality or enable surround sound.
debt/equity 0 Pass
The first film with Dolby sound was A Clockwork Orange (1971). Pass

HFC HollyFrontier Corp
among the largest independent petroleum refiners in the United States
debt/equity 0.24 Pass
Incorporated in 1947 and 1949. Pass
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