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at times like these.

Went to Boston. Spent a mostly wonderful weekend with a dear friend. Today is livestrong day. This is her facebook status.

I am a triathlete who has fought pancreatic cancer 2 years ago. Lance was my role model for returning to athletics after cancer treatment. I just found out that I have recurrance of my cancer. Iam planning to battle it again with treatment and look forward to training and racing again next year after the fight!!!

Please send a note to your Senators asking them to support research.
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I really wish your friend luck. And I hope, somewhere along her journey, they find a treatment that will help her live for a very, very long time.

Please support your friend so that she doesn't give up hope. Hope will be so important in her battle. Help her to remember that her diagnosis isn't the end of her life and that she should live to the full whatever days she has left.

There was a very inspiring British woman, Jane Tomlinson, who raised hundreds of thousands of Pounds for cancer research in the seven years after she'd been told that her breast cancer had returned, it was terminal and she had less than six months to live. Here is her obituary: Somehow, I imagine your friend to be very like Jane.

- Pam
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