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It's what i've been saying for 5 years now!

Opponents of the Bush tax cuts have done a silent flip-flop on whether those cuts helped the middle class.

With the so-called fiscal cliff approaching, politicians are virtually unanimous that the expiration of the Bush-era tax law presents a clear and present danger to the middle class. According to the White House, the typical middle class family’s taxes would jump by $2,200 per year. The president recently took this message directly to the people: “Tell members of Congress what a $2,000 tax hike would mean to you. Call your members of Congress, write them an email, post it on their Facebook walls. You can tweet it using the hashtag ‘My2K.’”

Curiously, however, hardly anyone has noticed that today’s sentiment is a flip-flop for just about any Democrat who has run for any political office any time in the past decade — from the presidency on down. Why? First, consider the Left’s decade-long mantra deriding the Bush tax policies as “tax cuts for the rich,” then ask a simple question: how could the expiration of “tax cuts for the rich” hurt anyone but the rich?

In other words, if the Bush cuts actually were just “tax cuts for the rich,” then their expiration couldn’t hurt the middle class. On the other hand, if their expiration would hurt the middle class, then characterizing them as “tax cuts for the rich” was a false message all along.
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Obama WANTS the current tax-cut rate to expire.He can then start tax-cuts for middle/low income brackets without the 'contaminated' part of the old statute that gave it also to the upper income brackets.
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“Tell members of Congress what a $2,000 tax hike would mean to you.

Ah, so letting a "temporary" tax cut expire actually IS a tax hike!

Now that THAT is settled...
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I think this refers to Obama's tax cuts.

I remember my tax cut under Bush the Lesser. It was around fifteen bucks every other week. I had one kid and an income that was slightly above the average for middle class, as I recall.

Under Obama, I got a tax cut that was over $100 per check. At the time, my salary had increased but not by that much.....say, keeping with inflation. Yeah, I am quite sure it is the payroll tax break. That said...

I sincerely do NOT see where the Bush tax cuts saved $2000 per year for an average middle class family. The White House page referenced merely says what will happen after the doesn't refer to specific tax breaks. By they way, the fifteen bucks every two weeks that was such a windfall didn't do squat....the extra hundred buck DID help at the time.

Anyway, I believe we should jump off the cliff....then pass tax cuts for the middle class. That is the best solution given the current gulf between the parties.
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