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I saw these two articles together yesterday morning.

Y'all aren't encouraging them to keep going are you? }};-()

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Illegal immigration drops after decade-long rise
By By HOPE YEN | Associated Press

Gypsies take curious route through US to asylum
By By WILSON RING and ROB GILLIES | Associated Press

DERBY LINE, Vermont (AP) — A minivan with California license plates and a dozen passengers zipped across the border between Vermont and Quebec in October, heading north in a southbound lane unblocked by traffic.
Border agents could only watch as the Dodge Caravan sped off into Quebec. But the vehicle and its occupants didn't try to disappear.
About 22 miles later, they stopped in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Magog, Quebec, and asked someone to call the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. After the Mounties arrived, the Gypsies in the vehicle applied for political asylum.
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We all have ties to immigrants.

I've noticed some Federal programmes for immigrants, and others.

Truck driver training:

1. U.S. Department of Education
2. U.S. Department of Labour
3. U.S. Department of Agriculture

Two fund either initial training and employment, or, in number 3 which I noted this week in Florida, the school itself and vehicles through their
"Rural Development" Grants.
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