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In my mind, the status quo is monied interests working dilligently to return this country to the stone ages, hence any effort to stymie that effort is change (and for the good).

I'm not aware of any monied interests trying to "return this country to the stone ages."

Second, what about the Affordable Care Act (nee Obamacare - which I for one see as a definite step int he right direction and for the BENEFIT of the 52 million UNINSURED in this country)

Don't you mean the Unaffordable Care Act? Those who voted for this 2,0000 plus page bill didn't even read it or understand it. Recent guesstimates put the tab for the bill at over a trillion for ten years. This is only partially paid for despite robbing over $700 billion from Medicare. So it adds to our already unsustainable government spending and trillion dollar deficits while taking money from an already unsustainable government health care program.

The bill didn't include any proven cost-saving reforms (tort reform, allowing the sale of health insurance across state lines, allowing the unemployed or self-employed to deduct all health care expenses, expanding HSA's) which would have placed our health care system on a more sustainable path while helping those who are currently priced out of health care.

In fact, the bill drives up insurance costs in the private market and pushes more people onto Medicaid, a system so dysfunctional that outcomes are worse than being uninsured. "Being covered" or "being insured" doesn't ensure decent health care.

Dodd Frank (not nearly far enough, but better than what the Republican are proposing - NOTHING); the end of DADT, the end of the Iraq war; the end of the Afghanistan war

Dodd-Frank is an abomination. The two architects were principal villains of the housing bubble. The bill did nothing to reform Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, the GSE's which underwrote the housing bubble. It makes it harder for people to obtain credit. It increases regulation which hampers business and increases unemployment - by doing so, it has contributed to the slowest recovery since the Great Depression. It reinforces "too big to fail," a concept which allows the use of taxpayer money (currently borrowed from your children and grandchildren) to bail out irresponsible millionaires and billionaires.

the end of the Iraq war; the end of the Afghanistan war; the end of Qaddafi (Kadafi, Qadafi - or how you spell it)

Obama has quite a mixed record here. He did engage in an unauthorized war in Libya. Our Libyan involvement did lead to the end of Qaddafi but with what? Islamists are apparently gaining strength there and it is not a success. The Benghazi debacle is the icing on the cake.

And what about his use of drones which eradicate people, including innocent bystanders, without a trial?

the support of the workers and the preservation of AMERICAN manufacturing of automobiles. Gee. Keeping the other 99% down? I think not (although I think there is a long way to go).

Obama supports unions, not workers. That's a big distinction. He supports unions at the expense of individual worker rights/freedoms - the right to their own hard earned money, the right to decide which politicians get their financial support and the freedom to decide not to join a union. His support for unions comes at the expense of taxpayers in general and more specifically, children who are trapped in failing public schools.

In one infamous case, Obama's underlings fought the building of a Boeing plant in order to appease his union supporters. How does this help workers?

How does strangling business and job creation with regulation help workers?

In addition, Obama doles out billions and billions to Wall Street and all manner of doomed enterprises to enrich his buddies while pushing the nation further into a debt abyss.

Obama isn't about hope and change. He's just a power-mad politician and crony capitalist who doesn't give a flying you-know-what about the plight of working or out-of-work Americans.

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