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Hi all,

I wanted to add this link to a company that produces almonds.

Its website does a good job keeping up with Almond prices and worldwide demand. California produces 85% of the world's almonds.

Almonds is the number food export for California and the 6th largest US food export. Blue Diamond is a private company. Its website will help those investors in JBSS keep up with the industry and demand at least the almond demand. But I believe we will see a correlation in demand for almonds and other nut varieties.

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Good idea. Hopefully this post will call you attention to this article (which was posted to that site after yours was posted here):

This look beneficial for JBSS.   'rising prices despite another year of crops in excess of 1 billion pounds (1.03 billion pounds in 2003);'

The crops are good this year (lower cost of product)

"nearly 6 percent consumption increase compounded annually over 24 years"

and the demand is high.

“Our Blue Diamond branded sales are up 46 percent in the last year, 51 percent in the last 12 weeks and 55 percent in the last four weeks.  We've set a Blue Diamond branded sales record every month for the last two years!”

TMF100: I think my initial investigation into JBSS came from you. Still down a bit, but unshaken.

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